The Risk Intelligent chief audit executive

Mission possible

In today’s environment of complex and multiplying risk, chief audit executives have a unique opportunity to influence multiple fortunes — their company’s, their department’s and their own.

Companies that focus solely on risk avoidance may survive but rarely thrive; only those that intelligently manage risk-taking as a means to value preservation and value creation will excel in today’s perilous yet opportunity-rich business environment. 

For many chief audit executives (CAEs) in the 21st century, their department bears little resemblance to that of even five years ago. New regulatory pressures, increased scrutiny, accelerating risk, escalating litigation, and intensifying competition pose critical challenges for today’s CAE. This whitepaper provides audit executives with practical guidance that relates directly to the challenges they face daily on a corporate, department, and individual level.

The Risk Intelligent chief audit executive: Mission possible
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