Contributing on Talents in Albania

Deloitte to collaborate with European University of Tirana

European University of Tirana and Deloitte Albania signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start collaboration in several fields such as auditing of UET, internship program for students and organization of open lectures.

Henri Çili, administrator of UET said that auditing with Deloitte standarts is essencial to their University, also because it is the first University to be audited from a Big Four Audit company with strong credibility for implementation of international standarts. “We hope to become pioneers and lead private and public eduction institutions to be audited with international standarts”. From the other side Maksim Caslli, Country Leader of Deloitte Albania said that talents and human resources are crucial for Deloitte, and our strategy is investing to enhance these talents since the very first stages at university

Roden Pajaj, HR Senior Manager elected as a new member of Board of Advisors of AISEC Albania

Deloitte Albania is considered a strategic partner to AIESEC Albania, a local entity of one of the most widespread global youth and students’ network. AIESEC is a very active organization in our academic incorporated in Albania as a non-governmental entity in 2012. AIESEC Albania is one of our best partners in Talent Requisitions and an ambassador for our Employer Brand.

On December 2015, the National Board of AIESEC Albania elected as a new member of Board of Advisors, Roden Pajaj, our HR Senior Manager, following the valuable contribution and successful completion of the mandate by our colleague Matiel Hoxha, FAS Senior Manager and Alumni of AIESEC Albania. Roden shall contribute through his advises to develop the brand and increase the visibility of AIESEC Albania locally as well as within its own global network. AIESEC, as a students’ organization, is the top partner of HR Teams and Talent Leaders in most of our entities in Central Europe and worldwide.

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