Deloitte at 2016 B20 Summit


Harnessing technology for education and learning

Deloitte at 2017 B20 Summit

Technology and internationalisation are disrupting the world of work, but these changes can also provide an opportunity to empower people through new education tools and lifelong skills development and learning. The German B20 Employment and Education Taskforce (EET) focused on this and recommended to the G20 the need to align education with labor market needs.

Skills shortages are a challenge across industries and countries, and as technology is augmenting the workforce, it is creating a need for ongoing skills development at unprecedented speeds.  

As Knowledge Partner to the 2017 B20 Employment and Education Taskforce (EET), Deloitte collated the insights and the practical approaches proposed by business, including its own, to support the development of employment and education-related policy recommendations for the G20. The final recommendation on this issue calls for urgent investment in skills development, and for all social partners to be a part of the solution. It also calls for entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurship education, to be promoted across the G20.

These recommendations (amongst others) were discussed at the B20 Summit which is being held in Berlin, Germany from 2-3 May, under the theme of ‘Resilience, Responsibility, Responsiveness – Towards a Future-oriented, Sustainable World Economy.’ Various taskforces and cross thematic groups contributed to the recommendations. 

Over the course of the past 8 months, Deloitte professionals were active in five of the B20 taskforces addressing policy issues such as trade, education and skills development, sustainability, and digitisation. 

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Employment and Education Taskforce

The B20 recommendations recognise that collaboration between business, government, and society is needed to deliver high quality, job-relevant education and skills development. No one group can do it alone.

By building the skills for tomorrow, regardless of where talent lives, businesses and government will enable social mobility and strengthen equality. 


Supporting the economic development of Africa was a key priority for the German G20. A compact on Africa was published, which addresses a wide range of policy recommendations from strengthening the environment for foreign direct investment, to increasing digital connectivity to advancing health, employment and education.

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