Strategic Moves 2012


Strategic Moves 2012

The Global Mobility Island

Our latest survey reveals organisations are not taking the necessary steps to align global mobility strategies with business’ issues and talent goals. This report discusses the need to better manage an organization’s global supply and demand of skills and talent.

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The survey reveals that current global mobility strategies do not meet boardroom agendas:

  • A mere 2% of organizations see their global mobility function as world class
  • 70% of business and HR stakeholders say global mobility in their organization is under-performing or needs improvement
  • Nearly 40% of organizations say they are currently reviewing or are about to review their overall global mobility strategies
  • Only 12% perform assessments of their mobility practices and make clear links back to improvement efforts necessary to solve their organizational challenges.


The 2012 survey report provides the following in-depth analysis and recommendations:

  • The top strategic business issues that organizations are dealing with today
  • The impact of these issues on Global Mobility
  • Alignment of Global Mobility to business and talent strategies
  • Performance measurement of Global Mobility
  • Realignment of Global Mobility in the short and medium term
  • Visions for the future of Global Mobility

Deloitte surveyed almost 200 participants across all major regions across the world with Europe (44%) and North America (35%) as the main contributors. The survey was completed by senior HR professionals – heads of HR, talent, reward/compensation and benefits, or mobility and senior HR business partners. More than a quarter of the organizations surveyed have an annual turnover of more than US$10 billion and virtually all industry sectors were accounted for. The organizations surveyed have an aggregate of 108,000 global assignments.


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