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The Legal team at Deloitte Albania and Kosovo was created with one goal in mind: to serve with competence and expertise the local and multinational companies, non-profit organizations, government bodies, and individuals in order to address their specific needs for comprehensive and targeted legal advice and counseling. We are a team of highly trained legal experts, with a broad range of experience in legal issues affecting the local markets in Albania and Kosovo.

Environmental Law

We pay continuous and thorough attention to the growing environmental changes and related risks which enables our legal team to handle complex projects and provide clients with swift responses on environmental legislation requirements.

Our assistance includes but is not limited to, environmental permit procedures for all type of projects affecting environment (power plans, oil and gas pipelines, LNGs, commercial and residential buildings, water and waste management, etc.) conducting of public hearings, liaising with state government agencies herein comprising negotiation and handling of disputes, and counseling on allocation of liabilities.