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About Deloitte Albania & Kosova Legal


The Legal team at Deloitte Albania and Kosovo was created with one goal in mind: to serve with competence and expertise the local and multinational companies, non-profit organizations, government bodies, and individuals in order to address their specific needs for comprehensive and targeted legal advice and counseling. We are a team of highly trained legal experts, with a broad range of experience in legal issues affecting the local markets in Albania and Kosovo.

Commercial Law

Our extensive expertise across all areas of commercial law provides our legal team with the strategic tools to accommodate clients with rapid and aimed solutions.

Our professionals are equipped with a fully-fledged knowledge and have been continuously involved in counseling clients inter alia in relation to company incorporation, company’s structure, corporate governance, CSR, minority shareholders’ rights, shareholder agreements, administrators’ duties and liabilities, mergers and acquisitions, spin offs, joint ventures, liquidation and bankruptcy, restructuring and reorganization procedures. The legal team is appraised for its thorough and well-structured due diligence reports; preparation of share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, and commercial contracts; and their valuable assistance to clients in their day-to-day activities.  

Our legal team provides general company and compliance counseling on the legal aspects that impact upon our client’s businesses, as well ongoing assistance with regard to clients’ relationships with the local and/or central state authorities and professional representation in administrative and/or court proceedings.

Banking and Financing

The strength of the legal team in serving the banking and financial sector lies on its comprehension of the legal and regulatory matters that affect all sector participants and stakeholders, including financial institutions and sector supervisory authorities. We understand the requirements, expectations, and concerns of all the parties involved in a financial transaction. This allows us to anticipate and respond to the demands of our clients quickly and in an efficient and synchronized way, demonstrating the outmost level of expertise in every step of a transaction.

With tailored solutions fitting specific client situations, our legal assistance covers counseling in asset-based loans, corporate and project financing, mergers and acquisitions, debt restructuring, as well as assistance with drafting of loan and security agreements, including but not limited to syndicated loans and hybrid debt securities. 

Consumer Protection and Product Safety

Consumer protection and product safety encompasses the efforts made by the government, businesses, and individuals to create, protect, and enforce the rights of consumers who buy products or services. In the recent decades, interest in consumer rights legislation has flourished in tandem with society's technological and economical advances as well as Albania’s and Kosovo’s increased effort in adapting regulatory frameworks following EU and other developed economies’ models.

Our specialized legal professionals offer pragmatic legal advice to clients on substantially all matters (alimentary and/or non-alimentary) covering consumer protection and product safety, including but not limited to compliance with relevant legislation, trading and advertisement practices, including misleading and aggressive practices, warranties, product assurances, and product malfunctions including recall procedures, food quality and safety.

Competition Law

Our legal team has a vast and consolidated experience in competition matters, with members of the team actively involved in challengeable and ground-breaking competition related transactions.

Our services cover all areas of competition law, including, but not limited to, cartels, abusive dominance, state aid, prohibited agreements, merger and acquisitions, concentrations of undertakings, notification and clearance of concentrations, State Aid, sector investigations and representation of clients’ in investigations with the relevant authority. 

Employment Law

Our team provides a full spectrum of legal advice on all areas of employment law, including but not limited to, collective bargaining with trade unions, recruitment and individual/collective dismissals, severance payments and counseling on management arrangements, expats issues, share-options plans, and companies’ social benefits’ health and safety at work as well on social security and health insurance matters.

Clients look and find prompt solutions in our individual/collective employment contracts, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, mutual termination arrangements, secondment agreements, and extensive expertise in dispute resolution on all employment matters. 

Intellectual Property Law

The legal services offered by our professionals cover a wide range of intellectual property-related matters, from industrial property and copyright protection, to database, software, domain names issues, and intellectual property transactions such as trademark co-existence agreements, exclusive/non-exclusive agreements, distribution agreements, franchising, parallel imports, etc. Our global familiarity with a diverse range of industry sectors sets our practice apart. We apply our technical skills in IP to provide the best strategic advice to our clients. In our daily routine, we counsel and assist on registration of national and international trademarks, industrial designs, utility models and inventions.

The legal team has strong litigation experience in front of court of all levels, and is also extremely navigated in opposition and appellate procedures in front of administrative bodies, including customs watch procedures.

Personal Data Protection

As the rapid development of the markets and the meeting of crucial decisions are indispensably linked with personal data processing, by this way affecting every aspect of the commercial sector, our professionals are appraised for their accurate and diligent legal assistance with regard to privacy and data protection issues.

Spanning from processing of personal and sensitive data (i.e. collection, retention, destruction, and transmission), to cross border transfer issues, data subject’s rights, duties and liabilities of data controllers/processors as well general advice to clients with regard to the notification/authorization application procedures, the team is at the forefront of the legal services in this fast developing legislation.  

Public Procurement and PPP/Concessions

Our legal team members have been continuously focused on procurement and PPP/concessions legislation for the last 10 years and hold a consolidated knowledge and practice in this realm.

The team provides pragmatic legal advice to bidders and contracting authorities on issues such as the application of procurement or PPP/concession rules to a particular bid; procurement rules and their impact on the structuring of companies/outsourcing arrangements and land developments; due diligence on contracts awarded in compliance/contravention of the procurement/PPP rules; overlapping public procurement/PPP; competition and state aid issues; compliance with tender requirements in a bid process; evaluation of the tender process; amendments in the procurement/PPP procedures; challenges to a decision to award a contract in breach of the rules; negotiations and drafting of procurements/ PPP agreements, as well as ongoing assistance of clients in contentious administrative and/or court proceedings. 

Energy and Natural Resources

Our expertise combined with the respective sectorial knowledge of our professionals enables us to provide a full spectrum of regulatory and compliance services for both national and international clients active in conventional/renewable power, mining and oil and gas industries.. Our team deals routinely with all the most important issues related to the energy and natural resources sector (electricity, petrol, gas, and mining industry), assisting its clients in: purchasing / selling entities carrying out their activities in the sector (through privatization, shares assignment, asset sale-purchase), carrying out procedures in order to obtain concessions, exploration and exploitation permits, conclusion of distribution and supply agreements.

Our deliverables include advice on concession agreements, hydrocarbon agreements, farm-out agreements, regulatory and compliance matters as well support and assistance for effective liaising with state government agencies, including drafting of specific tailored agreements for and with contactors/sub-contractors.   

Environmental Law

We pay continuous and thorough attention to the growing environmental changes and related risks which enables our legal team to handle complex projects and provide clients with swift responses on environmental legislation requirements.

Our assistance includes but is not limited to, environmental permit procedures for all type of projects affecting environment (power plans, oil and gas pipelines, LNGs, commercial and residential buildings, water and waste management, etc.) conducting of public hearings, liaising with state government agencies herein comprising negotiation and handling of disputes, and counseling on allocation of liabilities.

Construction Law and Real Estate

The professionals of our legal team are equipped with knowledge and necessary tools to handle large and complex infrastructure and real estate projects.   

The team’s expertise and knowledge across the entire spectrum of construction and real estate services and our deliverables, include but are not limited to, ongoing assistance on professional licensing on design, construction and/or supervising activities, procedures for obtaining the development and construction permits, counseling and drafting of agreements and/or other documents related to construction activities, compliance with construction products legislation, acquisition and/or lease transactions of inter alia residential, business/industrial real estate and social purpose real estate properties, financing, business real estate loans, in-depth investigation of the real estate properties’ origin, securitization, real estate due diligence, expropriation procedures, etc. 

Telecommunication and Information Technology

The legal team enjoys in-depth knowledge and is vested with high expertise on telecoms and IT fast developing sector. 

Members of our team are appraised for their skilled minded and capabilities in handling large projects in the telecommunication sector and assistance on IT related matters.  Our legal assistance spans from government counseling on large scale telecom projects on digital broadcasting, to licensing procedures, compliance and regulatory issues concerning the mobile and fixed telephony companies (whether local or national service providers, and resellers), and further to matters regarding postal services and internet service providers, as well assistance and representation in hearings/investigations with relevant authorities. 

Dispute Resolution

Lawyers of our team have strong experience in representing clients’ interests in front of court of all levels and in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the civil and administrative court procedures and base their strategy on a strong analysis of each case in order to provide the best defense to the interests of the client.

Tax Law

The legal team together with the Tax Department advises and assists clients in their relations with the tax authorities and manages their administrative and pre-administrative files.

We work in partnership with the client’s accountants, chartered accountants, and auditors in order to implement the best tax solutions and provide legal assistance related to various tax issues; including negotiating and drafting international agreements in complex financial transactions. We often represent our clients on disputes involving tax authorities, including cases involving litigation.

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