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Recruiting, retaining, and advancing women in the global automotive industry

There is a talent crisis underway in the global automotive industry, and it’s happening at a time when the industry is undergoing a transformation that is creating a tremendous opportunity for disruption and innovation. Developing a competitive advantage in this increasingly complex environment requires teams of talented professionals with diverse perspectives, skills, and experience. Women are a critical component of the winning formula, yet many believe women are underrepresented within the global industry.

The voices of women working in the global automotive industry

What can be done to address this issue? What do industry players need to do to improve how they recruit, retain, and advance women?

For more than a decade, we have worked with Automotive News Group to explore this issue. With Automotive News in North America, we honor the 100 leading women in the industry. In Europe, we work with Automotive News Europe to recognize the 25 leading women in the industry.

Through both programs, we ask women in the industry for their views and perspectives. On the right, you can explore the findings from both the North American and European research efforts.

About the leading women research

We have been examining the recruitment, retention, and development of women in the automotive industry with Automotive News Group for more than a decade. The 2016 European and 2015 North American surveys represent the latest findings from the leading women research effort. In addition to surveys, roundtables, and interviews conducted to support the research (all accessible using the links on the right), Automotive News and Deloitte also celebrate the most influential women in the North American and European automotive industries. In North America, the two organizations have also worked together to help establish the Leading Women’s Network, a program designed to connect women in the industry with each other and to connect them to young women interested in automotive careers.

The path forward

Based on Deloitte’s ongoing research1 into the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in manufacturing industries, we recommend the following to pave a path forward:

  1. Start at the top
  2. Address gender bias head-on
  3. Foster growth programs and sponsorship
  4. Create a more flexible work environment
  5. Develop the automotive workforce early
  6. Promote personal development
  7. Create a legacy

1 Working with a number of organizations, including the Automotive News Group, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Manufacturing Institute, and the US Council on Competitiveness, as well as through Deloitte's diversity, inclusion, and talent initiatives, we have developed recommendations that help inform the dialogue and can help pave a path forward on this critically important topic.

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