Major events

What do we do

A spectacular sporting program. Acceleration of major infrastructure development. A platform for socio-economic reform. An immovable deadline. A relentless delivery program. Significant budget pressure. Huge media scrutiny. The ultimate stage on which to showcase a nation – a real opportunity for change.

Major events are becoming progressively more ambitious, both in impact and scale. Coupled with the diverse range of media platforms and increasing complexity in delivery, financial and commercial arrangements, the challenge is formidable but the benefits can be tremendous. Getting the right plans, designs, people, structures, and controls in place is at the heart of successful delivery, and building a team with real experience at all stages of planning and delivering a major event is essential.

For Albania and Kosovo, where privatization of public services is still a recent concept for the last 15 years, Deloitte’s role is not to suggest importing solutions that have worked in other parts of the world. We need to adopt the principles of what has succeeded elsewhere and to mold them to suit local conditions and needs.

At the same time, governments face increasing pressure to improve performance and accountability. At every level, government leaders seek to better understand the needs of their constituents and to deliver greater advantages for the citizens and communities they serve. That’s where we can help by doing our homework properly and providing innovative solutions to fit local conditions.