Video series: Navigating the lifecycle of a crisis 

Prepare to rise to the challenge

A crisis event can take many forms… cyberattacks…natural disasters…social or political unrest…financial crimes. Whatever the cause, knowing the anatomy of a crisis—and being fully prepared to make the right decisions at the right time—is crucial to emerging from an event successfully.

Crises often unravel quickly, in complex and unexpected ways. Detailed preparation is the most effective way to position your organization to handle the unexpected. Crisis readiness leads to an informed, timely response that will help minimize damage and reduce the time and expense of recovery. When properly handled, a crisis can be an opportunity for a resilient organization to emerge even stronger.

This new video series highlights key components of crisis management that can help your organization systematically plan and prepare to rise to the challenge of crisis. Watch to understand:

• The crisis management lifecycle
• The anatomy of a crisis
• The resilience maturity model
• A structured approach to crisis response

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