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Personal Data Privacy in Kosovo

Deloitte supports a major regional conference in Kosovo on data privacy

Deloitte Kosova supported the regional conference “Privacy in Digital Age” in Kosovo as a general sponsor, but also a consortium partner implementing the EU financed project “Support to Kosovo institutions in Protection of Personal Data”.

Personal data privacy and its protection in Kosovo and elsewhere is an increasingly relevant considering the universal increase in internet usage and web services.

Around 16 speakers and 300 audience members were present at the event, with speakers from Deloitte, Facebook, Google, Nokia, as well as data protection authorities from Balkans, EU and Kosovo, presented and discussed various issues related to data privacy and security. The conference also aimed at informing Kosovo’s public and private sector, as well as Kosovo citizens, on the legal infrastructure supporting personal data protection in Kosovo.

For more information on the conference and the Privacy in the Digital Age Campaign, please visit the campaign web site


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