Risk Intelligence in the Energy & Resources Industry

Enterprise Risk Management Benchmark Survey Report

In the summer of 2013, Deloitte launched a second edition of the Energy and Resources ERM Benchmark Survey. The main objective was to assess the overall maturity level of energy and resources companies’ ERM and risk management activities, and to help identify new challenges, critical issues and risks they may be facing today and in the future.

In a changing world where energy and resource scarcity and climate change have become key themes, energy and resources companies face a myriad of emerging risks. Political instability, safety hazards, infrastructure degradation, operational outages, adverse weather events, greenhouse gas emissions, and risks related to disruptive technologies such as distributed electricity generation or shale gas production are just a few of the perils they face.

While some traditional risk management approaches may have served the industry well in the past, the scope, complexity and interdependencies of emerging risks are forcing many energy and resources companies to adopt a more comprehensive and integrated approach.

The results of this survey will allow energy and resources companies to benchmark and assess their current ERM activities against industry best practice, and learn about emerging trends for risk management in the industry.       

There were over 100 responses worldwide, spread over all geographical regions as well as spanning the different sectors of the energy and resources industry.

Executive summary of the risk intelligence survey

Risk Intelligence in the Energy & Resources Industry
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