Mergers & Aquisitions

Strategy & Advisory

Our M&A advisory team has specialized in helping investors, companies and business owners to maximize the value.

Our M&A advisory team has specialized in helping investors, companies and business owners to maximize the value. We assist on various aspects of buy and sell side M&A activity including:

  • M&A Strategy
  • Transaction readiness
  • Transaction diligence and execution
  • Closing and integration /separation strategy
  • Integration and transformation / Post-close transition. 

Our M&A team can provide assistance in executing transactions and develop creative solutions in order to achieve the best value from a transaction. 


Buy Side

We aim to reduce the risks inherent in any acquisition by providing expert advice on crucial steps for development. We can provide the following services:

Identify and evaluate strategies for achieving growth with reference to the general market conditions and relevant considerations. Assess the internal M&A capability of the client, assess drivers for success and failure in M&A and recommend strategies to maximize value generation through M&A.

Identification and evaluation of the target companies best suited to achieve objectives of the acquirer. Approach the target using our top level contacts where possible. Identification of potential deal breakers to determine the viability of a proposed deal; Assessment of the future potential of the Target. Identification of potential synergies that may be created as a result of a merger.

Arrive at a deal structure that maximizes potential value for the acquirer through consideration of the funding sources, tax diligence, valuation, and sources of synergy. Due Diligence analysis: Advisory services on a comprehensive financial review of the target with the goal of providing a complete picture of its financial position and sustainable cash flows, highlighting the value areas and risks of a transaction, and identifying issues for reflection in SPA and completion accounts. Providing support to a client’s takeover bid by analyzing the key issues likely to influence the bid and ensuring that the likely responses of a takeover target are anticipated in advance. Assist management teams in determining the funding and financing structures of an acquisition, including prioritizing and identifying opportunities to optimize capital allocation; analyzing appropriate capital structures; and raising additional tranches of capital to effect an acquisition. Supporting pricing discussions through scenario planning, synergy analysis and modeling. Agree a preliminary view on valuation and financial structuring. Assisting in negotiations throughout the process and advise on the implications of the transaction contracts they are negotiating.

Advise clients on the Sale and Purchase agreement (SPA) focusing on developing contractual solutions to accounting and commercial issues identified during due diligence and ensuring these are appropriately reflected in the SPA. Assist client of financing agreement to develop the contractual terms and process for transferring financial considerations (e.g., cash-flow from inflight transactions) before the transaction close. Assist clients in transaction execution support to translate the outputs of due diligence and post-merger integration planning into definable actions to be undertaken as part of the deal execution. Assist in purchase price allocation to estimate fair values and to assist management in determining an appropriate basis to be used for financial or other reporting purposes. Perform a detailed assessment of the synergies identified during the due diligence phase to refine integration plans.

Post-acquisition integration services - Assist the client in establishing control, plan the mergers strategy and integrating functions, processes, reporting structures, skillsets, etc. Assist the buyers in achieving their targeted investment returns through the development of the day plans to realize operational improvement and establish governance, reporting and tracking procedures.