LNG series overview

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LNG global overview

Trends, signposts, and opportunities

Growth, change, uncertainty, challenge, opportunity – these are some drivers explored by Deloitte’s LNG series in 2016. In this global report, we examine the overall findings laid out in the component parts of the LNG series and attempt to holistically describe the status of the global LNG industry and what may lie ahead.

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Executive summary

The global LNG market has progressively transformed in the past few decades—quadrupling in size, doubling its share of global natural gas trade, and emerging as one of the fastest growing segment in the energy industry.

What does the future look like for the LNG market? Will it be able to repeat its impressive growth trajectory in the future? How will companies overcome the near-term headwinds that are challenging new projects and business models? These are some of the questions that our latest LNG global report will answer.

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