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Arpine Ghevondyan

Partner, Deloitte in Armenia

Arpine leads our practice in Armenia and has over 14 years of experience in providing audit and advisory services in Russia, Armenia, the UK and the US. She has served numerous multinational companies across all industries, particularly focusing on FSI clients. She has been instrumental in the establishment and development of the office of her previous firm in Armenia and has extensive experience in business development and leadership strategy. Arpine has a degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems from the State Engineering University of Armenia. She is also a member of ACCA and the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Armenia (AAAA).

Ian Colebourne

Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte CIS 

Ian Colebourne is the CEO of Deloitte CIS. Prior to this he led the firm's Financial Advisory practice. Ian started his career in Forensic and has over 25 years of experience participating in and leading investigations, corporate intelligence engagements and fraud risk management assignments. Before taking charge of the Financial Advisory department at Deloitte in 2012, he established the Forensic practice at another Big Four firm and led its Risk Consulting business. Ian is a qualified solicitor. Outside work, Ian enjoys spending time with his four children.

Sharif Galeev

Director, Deloitte in Russia, Saint-Petersburg 

Sharif joined Deloitte CIS in St. Petersburg in 1997. In 2001, he moved to Moscow, where he has served clients in many different spheres, but with a particular focus on the development of energy and resources audit practice, which serves many of the largest Deloitte CIS audit clients. In 2006, Sharif was appointed audit partner at the St. Petersburg practice, where he serves a wide range of industries, including mining and machine building, and retail and development. In 2010 Sharif was appointed a Managing Partner of Saint-Petersburg practice of Deloitte CIS.

Dmitry Chaban

Director, Deloitte in Russia, Ufa

Dmitry has led Deloitte Ufa since it began operations in 2011. He has had more than eleven years experience in providing financial audit and consulting services to large manufacturing and mining enterprises in Russia and the Ukraine. Before he assumed the role of Head of Deloitte in Ufa, Dmitry had been Manufacturing Industry Group Leader in the Deloitte Ukraine office. His principal areas of professional specialism include financial audit, consulting on issues of IFRS transition, providing advice on restructuring internal controls and optimizing business processes.

Yuliya Krasnova

Director, Deloitte in Russia, Novosibirsk

Prior to joining Deloitte, Yulia worked at another Big Four firm where she led their Novosibirsk office. At that firm, Yulia led audits of some of its key clients, the largest companies in Siberia in various industries, including oil & gas, mining, transportation and agriculture.

Before that, Yulia worked at the largest auditing company in Siberia, providing both auditing and taxation services.

Yulia holds a degree in economics and law from Novosibirsk State University, a diploma in financial analysis from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, and FCCA and CRA certifications.

Tatiana Pavlova

Senior Manager, Deloitte in Russia, Vladivostok

Tatiana started her audit career over 20 years ago at a medium-sized international audit firm; she moved to Deloitte when the firm established a new office in Vladivostok in 2018. Since then, Tatiana has been engaged in implementing IFRS and RAS audit projects, as well as due diligence, financial reporting and transformation projects for Russian companies in various industries. She has also been responsible for the organization and delivery of in-house ISA and IFRS training sessions. Tatiana graduated from the Far Eastern State University with a degree in Romano-Germanic Philology. She is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Mark Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Deloitte CIS | Managing Partner, Caspian Region

Mark spent his early career in Scotland before leaving for Almaty to head Deloitte’s regional Financial Services audit group in 2007. Since 2012, Mark has been Managing Partner for the Caspian Region. He works with clients in the banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors and has provided audit services under IFRS, US GAAP and UK GAAP. Mark holds a Degree in Accounting and Marketing and is a Chartered Accountant (Scotland). Mark likes to travel and is a keen snowboarder and tennis player.

Sergiy Kulyk

Managing Partner, Deloitte in Ukraine

Sergiy Kulyk was appointed Managing Partner of Deloitte Ukraine in November 2019. Concurrently with this important role he leads the Audit & Assurance practice.

Sergiy Kulyk has about 20 years of experience both in auditing international, large public and private companies in various industries, and in providing consulting services on the implementation of internal controls and financial reporting systems. Under his leadership, the Deloitte Audit & Assurance practice has been recognized twice as the best in Ukraine (2017, 2018) by Corporate INTL Global Awards. Since joining Deloitte Ukraine in 2000, he has gone from an auditor assistant to his current appointment as Managing Partner.

Sergiy is a member of the Methodological Council for Accounting at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and a Fellow of Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA).

Nuran Kerimov

Managing partner, Deloitte in Azerbaijan

Nuran joined Deloitte in 2003, establishing the firm’s Tax practice in Azerbaijan. He has significant experience in advising Azerbaijani and international companies, mainly in the FSI and Oil & Gas sectors, on tax and associated issues. He holds a Bachelor’s in Law from Voronezh State University and a LL.M. from the University of Georgia (USA). Nuran serves on the Deloitte CIS Board of Directors.

He is a Board member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan. He is married with three children.

Olga Stepaneyeva

Director, Deloitte in Belarus

Olga joined Deloitte in 2002 and over the course of her 15-year professional career with the Firm led a number of IFRS audit and advisory engagements. Her clients include domestic private and state-owned organizations as well as international companies operating in Belarus.
She has serviced clients representing telecoms, IT, manufacturing, FMCG, agriculture and other sectors. Olga’s advisory experience includes implementation of IFRS reporting functions and she supported the launch of several nearshoring initiatives for Deloitte CIS.

Srbuhi Hakobyan

Managing Partner, Deloitte in Georgia

Before joining Deloitte, Srbuhi worked for 2 years as a Financial Controller for an international oil transhipment company in Cyprus. She holds a BSc, an MBA and a PhD, is an ACCA member and a member of the Association of Accountants and Auditors (Armenia).
She leads the Deloitte CIS Industrial Products group and specialises in the consumer products, retail and services sectors, delivering a full range of accounting, auditing, assurance and advisory services.

Erkin Ayupov

Managing Director, Deloitte in Uzbekistan

Erkin is a US certified public accountant (US CPA) and is a qualified auditor of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He has over seven years of experience auditing financial institutions and major international corporations in the CIS and the UK. Having worked in the Deloitte London Banking & Capital Markets Group for over two years, where he served a range of leading banks and the UK and U.S. listed companies, Erkin recently re-joined the Deloitte Caspian region team.

Kanyshai Sadyrbekova

Managing Director, Deloitte in Kyrgyzstan

Kanyshay Sadyrbekova is the managing director for the Deloitte in Kyrgyzstan practice. She holds the Kyrgyz Republic auditor license and has more than seven years experience in audit. She provides audit projects in accordance with IFRS and local auditing standards. Kanyshai has extensive experience working with companies in the resources and financial services industry.

Gulanor Atobek

General Director, Deloitte in Tajikistan

Gulanor has over 11 years of audit experience in Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and currently leads the Deloitte practice in Tajikistan. She is a CPA, АССА, CIPA, has qualification certificate for general audit from the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan and qualification certificate from the National bank of Tajikistan for audit of banks and other financial institutions, and certificate of completion of Risk Certification Program of Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). She has worked on audit engagements in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP and has extensive experience with companies in different sectors such as financial, insurance, power, telecommunications, transportation, textile and hospitality.

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