Alternative Investment Industry Outlook


2015 Alternative Investment Industry Outlook

Complex ground, new frontiers

​ In many ways, the alternative investment industry is still among the most nimble and adaptive sectors of the financial services industry, producing tremendous innovation across many aspects of the business. This Outlook, produced by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, provides an analysis of industry priorities and anticipated trends coming in 2015.

Alternative Investment Outlook Infographic


Globalization is generating tremendous opportunity for alternative managers in the form of both new investments opportunities and new investors. When thinking globally managers should:

  • Focus on the complexity
  • Understand the full tax, regulatory, and operational implications


Monetization is creating opportunities for both buyers and sellers, but it is also raising dynamic technical and regulatory issues. In order to be successful, managers should:

  • Invest in the proper due diligence and tax planning
  • Evaluate the investor relations and public relations aspect
  • Consider the risk management

Strategic brand risk management

Strategic risk management will be essential for organizations to succeed in 2015. While an upfront investment is required, in return alternative investment managers will be better prepared to:

  • Withstand market disruptions
  • Fight cyber attacks
  • React to regulatory scrutiny

2015 Alternative Investment Outlook infographic

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