Change Management


Change Management

Businesses are being transformed in many ways: through mergers, acquisitions, digital, introduction of new technologies, restructuring, regulatory changes. Transformation is also driven by new leadership, strategic decisions to change direction to position for growth, or react to changing market conditions. The same challenges typically apply: need for a new organization design, culture, and behaviors, as well as the right leadership and talent. At Deloitte, our practitioners focus on enabling transformations through organization and people solutions, powered by analytics and insight to drive sustainable change. Our services include an array of innovative tools and resources that we adapt to meet the needs of every client’s unique situation

Change Management is an integral part of the following transformations:

Technology and IT implementations 

Talent Strategies

Strategic change 

Mergers and acquisitions

Organizational design

Support functions’ transformations

Learning solutions

Corporate culture change 

Our expertise

Our services

Our expertise includes support for a variety of transformations:

  • Technology and IT implementations
  • Strategic change
  • Organizational design
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Support functions’ transformations
  • Corporate culture change 



Deloitte’s Change Management methodology

We offer a comprehensive approach to the planning, development and deployment of organisational changes in a company, to help Leaders achieve smooth transitions with minimal disruption. Our team knows how to transform the business successfully, by paying particular attention to those who will be affected by the changes, ensuring management involvement and by minimising the organisational risks.


Change Management in Project Work . Survey Results

Find out more about the trends in Change Management which influence project work streams and organisations’ management processes.

Test: on what my business needs to pay attention during change?

We suggest Leaders to find out, what change tools of the project need to be strengthened to reach the declared results.