Corporate social responsibility services


Corporate social responsibility services


  • Provision of advice on global ‘frameworks’ (eg GRI, UN Global Compact etc) and good practice based on European experience to establish expectations
  • Corporate issue and risk identification
  • Assessment of liabilities associated with contaminated land and buildings
  • Management of the environmental due diligence process to protect asset values and timescales within the transaction process
  • Development of a strategy to manage issues and risks including appropriate management structures

Environmental and corporate social responsibility risk assessment and strategy development

  • Support in the development of policies and corporate level guidelines
  • Development of environmental and CSR management programmes
  • Identification of performance indicators
  • Design of approaches to information and data gathering
  • Support with employee training and awareness raising

Strategy implementation

  • Preparation of the CSR reports
  • Advice on developing corporate communication strategies including stakeholder identification and consultation
  • Data and information gathering and drafting of environmental or CSR communications

Reporting and communications

  • Independent assurance of company sustainability reports


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