Global Employer Services


Global Employer Services

Bringing your company to new territories is a big challenge and your senior executives need to stay focused on the core business of the operation.

Our team can help by ensuring that your human resource and associated documentation, certification, legal, tax, and compliance issues are under control. Whether you’re an Armenian company looking to expand internationally or an international business putting down roots in Armenia and the CIS, we can help you to design cost-effective, comprehensive global mobility programmes, which aid retention of your key employees and, at the same time, benefit your bottom line.

International Employee Assignment

  • Global coordination of services rendered in multiple jurisdictions
  • Help in maintaining tax compliance, including preparing tax returns
  • Support with tax issues arising due to employee assignment, e.g. tax reporting, tax certificates and double taxation

Global Mobility Transformation

  • Development and transformation of global mobility, rewards, HR and performance management programmes
  • Support in transforming your global programme to address local regulatory concerns
  • Benchmarking of existing arrangements against the marketplace or specific sectors and competitors

International Social Security and Pensions

  • Development and implementation of international corporate pension programmes
  • Development of country- or region-specific solutions that help to minimise social security costs and enable efficient management
  • Application of international social security agreements

International Immigration Services

  • Support in structuring employee relations, including full documentary support to Armenian and foreign nationals assigned abroad
  • Legal consulting on immigration requirements, including the organisation of visas and work permits for foreign nationals in Armenia and other CIS countries.
  • Due diligence on employment issues.


International Assignment Services