International Tax


International Tax

Operating across multiple jurisdictions can present your business with complex challenges. Our team can help to steer you around the potential pitfalls and ensure that your global effective tax rate is optimized.

Recent legislation aimed at de-offshorisation of the Russian economy has brought the international tax area into sharp focus, raising issues about CFC, tax residence, beneficial ownership and ‘nature of presence’, but although an important element of our work, this is just part of the wider services we offer which include: 

  • International tax planning to improve businesses efficiency, reduce operating costs and manage economic risks
  • Structuring of cross-border investments
  • Tax efficient international group structuring and tax planning
  • Analysis of existing business structures to provide advice on current risks
  • Providing recommendations on the level and nature of presence required to ensure overseas businesses are not viewed as Russian domiciled
  • Tax structuring for IPOs, Eurobond issues and private placements by Russian companies
  • Developing tax efficient exit-strategies
  • Consulting services on foreign tax law
  • Tax events, workshops, conferences, seminars
  • Assistance in setting up companies in foreign jurisdictions 

Internationally, the Deloitte team is recognized as the global leader in the field, and our local team is no less skilled, having advised the Russian Governmen’s ‘expert group’ on the development of tax policy and de-offshorisation. Our team will help you optimize the effective tax burden on your business and stay informed of tax developments that impact your business.

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