Research & development and government incentives

If your business is planning expansion, relocation or investment, there are a wide range of incentives, grants, subsidies and tax breaks offered by both national and regional governments. These can range from tax breaks for investment above a certain threshold to tax incentives for R&D spending.

A comprehensive approach

Applying for these incentives can be a time-consuming and complex process. Our experienced team can help you at every stage of the way:

  • Advising on the range of incentives available
  • Using knowledge of your business and our high-level expertise in tax legislation
  • Helping select the most appropriate grants, incentives or tax breaks for your business
  • Conducting a feasibility review of your potential claims
  • Making sure that applications and business plans are tailored to maximize the potential benefits
  • Assisting in your negotiations with national and regional governments
  • Preparing supporting documentation for the authorities
  • Handling information requests from government bodies
  • Supporting the settlement of tax disputes in the area of tax incentives together with the Deloitte tax dispute resolution team
  • Advising on the set-up and management of your R&D activity (assessment of relevant government support, developing an optimal R&D strategy for your company)

How could you benefit?

If you …
You may benefit from…

are developing a new product or technology in the energy efficiency, nuclear engineering, space technology, medicine or IT industries and are ready to move to Moscow


the Skolkovo regime (reduced burden for almost all taxes)

are planning to invest in building/renovating a plant or other equipment/property


regional tax incentives (profit and property tax reductions)

are planning to build a manufacturing plant, establish an R&D center/high-tech company or start a hospitality business (in certain specific locations)


Special Economic Zones (reduced burden for almost all taxes)

are going to do business in Russia’s Far Eastor in a of single-industry townsthat has a difficult financial and economic situation


Territories of advanced social and economic growth (profit tax reduction and other benefits)

are going to produce goods and invest in certain regions of Russia’s Far Eastor Siberia


regional tax incentives (profits tax reduction) for participants of a regional investment project

are conducting certain R&D activities


a 150% ‘super deduction’ of respective costs to reduce profit tax

are engaged in software development             


reduced social contribution rates

are operating in the medical or educational sectors, or are a producer of agricultural goods


waiver of profit tax

Uniquely qualified specialists

Our dedicated service is unique in the marketplace, and the reputation of our team is unrivaled.

We have already helped a significant number of companies from various industries receive tax savings by recognizing their eligible activities and qualifying costs and preparing robust claims. 

We regularly help regional governments  formulate regional tax incentives for investors, and we work closely with Russia’s Special Economic Zones and the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Our experts advise the Russian government on the best options for R&D regimes, and we have assisted the Federal Tax Service to produce a methodology for tax reviews of R&D claims.