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Addressing the Impact of COVID-19      

How Deloitte Can Support You


Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak we are in a situation which we never imagined to be part of. With the objective to fully support you and your organization we are setting up multi-disciplinary teams to provide you the best, tailored support. The following aspects are currently being addressed by our teams:


Liquidity forecasting and managing cashflows:

The companies in the island are starting to experience a reduction in sales and increase in client receivables. In these periods of great uncertainty, our financial
modelling experts can help you assessing the impact on your company liquidity and create an optimization plan for managing cashflows. This might include support in obtaining and negotiating certain credit facilities. Click here to know more.


Working capital and supply chains impact:

Due to the importance of China in the world economy, the COVID-19 outbreak is already having a severe effect in the functioning of the global supply chains. It is however expectable that the situation will get worse as our suppliers from the US and Latin America & Caribbean region get affected. Our financial advisors and risk management specialists can help you reducing working capital distortions and mitigate supply chain risk. Click here to know more.


Human capital support:

We can support you addressing the necessary changes in the workforce to better cope with the current business environment and comply with remote working guidelines. Additionally we can also help you drafting business continuity plans, especially focusing on the key executive positions for your business.


Reducing tax burden:

Our tax professionals can assist you in reducing this tax burden in three specific areas (sales tax, wage tax and profit tax) not only for the coming months but also for future years.


We fully understand that these are challenging times for all of us and therefore it’s important to stay connected and supportive. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Business Leaders.

Addressing the Financial Impact of COVID-19
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