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Deadline for submitting the final Profit Tax return 2020 has been extended for certain taxpayers

Tax Newsflash September 2021

The digital tax return portal, through which taxpayers must submit the Profit Tax return, is not completely finalized and still uncapable of processing complex Profit Tax Returns. Therefore, by means of a notice published on September 3, 2021, in the National Gazette of Curaçao (in Dutch: “Landscourant van Curaçao”), Curaçao Minister of Finance, Mr. Javier Silvania (hereinafter to be referred to as: ‘’MinFin”), grants postponement for submitting the final Profit Tax return for the year 2020.

The Profit Tax in Curaçao is levied by way of payment on a declaration and it is legally determined that this declaration must be made electronically. The declaration portal is expected to be ready in November 2021 to process all – including the very complex – tax returns. Therefore, the new deadline for submitting the final Profit Tax return and making the necessary payment for the year 2020 has been extended to December 31, 2021, for certain taxpayers who are expected to submit a ‘complex’ Profit tax return.

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