Dutch Caribbean CFO Survey Report

Ready for new challenges

As part of our commitment to the local community and local leaders, we are pleased to present you with the results of our second edition of the CFO Survey. The Deloitte CFO Survey is an annual barometer of how financial directors from the Dutch Caribbean islands view the current and future economic situation. 

Our last survey, released in January 2021,  shows the global pandemic COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on the Dutch Caribbean economies, due to a sharp decline in (external) demand for local goods and services. Although most local CFOs expect an initial recovery from the current COVID-19 crisis before the end of 2021, the confidence levels and risk appetite are still low. As a result, defensive strategies are prevailing and some interesting trends are arising.

We believe that gaining insights into the current market conditions is of great importance to the Dutch Caribbean leaders and decision makers. Our survey showcases how organizations and its leaders are planning to adapt to the challenging economic environment and overcome the structural weaknesses while accentuating their strengths. This survey is able to show how the market sentiment and expectations have evolved since the last edition.

Download the full report. 

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