Compliance & AML/CFT

Tactical strike against illegal activities within your organization.

While you’re reading this, malicious (potential) customers could be at work trying to launder money through your organization, whether you are a Financial Institution, commercial business or operate within the gaming industry.

These threats can also be initialized and/or supported internally by a disgruntled employee or current client. The behavior in the use of your product and services by customers, and the assistance therein from employees must therefore be continuously closely managed and monitored.

Moreover there is an increasing pressure from Regulators, Central Banks and law makers to implement new and current laws and regulations to combat money laundering and terrorism financing both locally and beyond. Not complying with these laws and regulations may result in penalties and fines, and can lead to a damaged reputation of your business.

Amid these growing risks it is of the utmost importance to meet, manage and monitor these type of activities and to have a compliance assessment framework in place. A complete compliance assessment framework will enable your organization to apply the necessary measures to keep your organization protected against these risks and is an essential element of any security/risk management program.

Deloitte Dutch Caribbean Compliance, KYC, AML/CFT Team

We are experienced in helping clients meet the demands of implementing and monitoring AML detection and compliance programs.

Backed by the worldwide resources of Deloitte’s network, we are able to bring the collective knowledge, experience and judgement of our colleagues to support the clients in our local markets. We seek to understand the unique aspects of each case, its underlying issues and facts, to determine the best approach and solutions.

How can we help

Deloitte’s leading Compliance, KYC, AML/CFT team helps organizations manage risk related to money laundering and deal with anti-money laundering laws and regulations.

We understand the risks and complexities of these compliance areas, in response to which, we have developed a methodology and innovative tools. Our goal is to assist your organization in creating an ongoing secure, reliable and compliant operation.

Working with Deloitte enables you to have access to professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in anti-money laundering and related compliance matters.

Our services include

•Compliance awareness training
•Compliance process training

Process & Procedures
•AML Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis
•Independent Testing/Internal Controls Assessments/Audit Services
•Compliance process and procedures development

Compliance Framework
•Compliance framework development and implementation
•Compliance framework assessment

Profiling & Monitoring
•Rules and control process assessment
•Data Analysis / Advanced AML Analytics

•Technological assessments
•Selection & implementation of AML systems (technology/business integration)


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