Security services

Closing the door against cyber attacks

Understanding the threats 

At this moment malicious hackers and identity thieves could be searching for weaknesses in your infrastructure, network and data security.

New viruses & malware continue to emerge, the most aggressive of which are capable of taking down your entire operation. The rapid development of new applications is compelling organisations to be more diligent than ever in
testing code for potential weaknesses and monitoring multiple fronts in real-time. The ever-present internal threat from a disgruntled employee, vendor or once-trusted partner continues to present considerable risk.

Weaknesses in network devices, hosting platforms and services, as well as programming and logic weaknesses within applications, must be monitored constantly to verify that security baselines are maintained and proper change management processes are followed.

Addressing the full range of threats

Security technology may have progressed considerably, a “ silver bullet” solution is still a long way off. As the sophistication and frequency of cyber attacks rises, securing perimeters and externally accessible systems is becoming more time consuming, resource intensive and expensive.

Vulnerability management is an essential element of any security program. Effective vulnerability management means your organization is equipped to identify system exposures quickly and take the appropriate action.

Organizations need to continually assess their environments to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities within their systems before taking the appropriate action to remediate and defend against cyber attacks.

Vulnerability Management

We have developed a vulnerability management methodology that is highly effective for strategy development, design and implementation of an overall vulnerability management program. This methodology provides a security snapshot of your current vulnerability management mechanisms and processes and it helps to clearly identify areas of improvement.

We assist you in assessing your infrastructure, network and application environments to identify vulnerabilities and control weaknesses. We work with your team to develop and deploy the technical and architectural improvements necessary to reduce your exposure to vulnerabilities. With our customized methodology, we can assess the many aspects of risk to support identification of both internal and external facing threats. 

World class services

Deloitte will support you in solving security issues as a trusted advisor:

  • Our security experts have the same skills and methods hackers use, but can also translate technical issues into business risks
  • Deloitte has a global reach, with a presence in over 150 countries worldwide
Ethical hacking

Organizations need to conduct periodic Ethical Hacks to continuously assess weaknesses and vulnerabilities to prevent cyber attacks. Our ethical hack services may include assessments of:

  • Infrastructure: perform network-based testing that simulates a hacker attack on your IT infrastructure. This may involve your VPN solution or the infrastructure supporting your critical web portals.
  • Application: perform network-based testing that simulates a hacker attack on your web applications or mobile apps. This may involve testing the resilience of your customer portal against unauthorized access or malicious behavior of valid customers.
  • Employee: perform social engineering based testing to simulate a hacker attack on the human element: your staff. This may involve how your employees respond to phishing emails.
  • Physical: perform physical testing to simulate an attack aimed at gaining unauthorized access to your premises. This may involve testing measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to office buildings or critical data centres.
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