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Building Resilience through a Cyber Simulation | Ocean's 99

It’s 7:30 a.m. on a Tuesday in July. You’re a C-suite executive, sitting at your desk preparing for the day ahead. You receive an urgent message about a cyber security breach, potentially involving the release of personally identifiable information about your company’s clients. Making matters worse, the information was made public nearly 24 hours ago and went viral overnight, so you’re already behind the eight ball. How prepared is your company to respond to this crisis? Is there a plan in place? Has your organization practiced the plan—more than once or twice? What actions need to be taken—in the moment and in the hours and days ahead? What is your personal role and responsibility?

This was the setup for an interactive serious game for aspiring CIOs at Deloitte University. The activity immersed potential responders in a simulated cyber incident scenario to help evaluate their preparedness, build “muscle memory” and gain the upper hand in the face of an attack. In mounting an actual response, an executive team will likely confront conflicting points of view about what actions are necessary and appropriate using the murky information available. Over the course of such a simulation participants quickly come to realize the many difficulties their organizations are likely to encounter as a cyber crisis unfolds, and the value of thoughtful planning and practice in:

  • increasing an organization’s understanding of its cyber incident response plan;
  • allowing likely cyber incident responders to practice roles in a safe environment;
  • exposing missing cyber incident response roles, data and controls;
  • building consensus and a shared vision; and
  • increasing probability of success if/when faced with a similar event. 

Cyber simulations can be an invaluable element in a comprehensive tool kit aimed at helping organizations respond in the face of escalating cyber risks.

Ocean’s 99 is our latest business simulation game in partnership with GamingWorks that aims to support Cyber Security awareness and training programs – helping to change attitude and behavior.


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