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Sirius Awards 2013

The winners are...

  • Deloitte held for the 3rd year the award ceremony of the Sirius Awards;
  • BIC, Sonagol E.P. and BFA are the winners in the categories “Financial Sector’s Organization of the Year”, “Non-Financial Sector’s Organization of the Year” and “Best Management and Accounting Report”, respectively;
  • In terms of Individual awards, Carlos Silva and António Mosquito are the winners in the categories of “Best Manager of the Year” and “Best Entrepreneur of the Year”;
  • The winners of the awards “Best Social Responsibility Programme” and “Best Human Capital Development Programme” are Chevron and BAI;
  • The award for the “Best Financial Education Programme in the Banking Sector” was established for the first time and awarded to BPC Bank.

Luanda, 17th of December, 2013 – Deloitte distinguished again the Angolan excellence and talent in the 3rd edition of the Sirius Awards. The Award ceremony took place on the 28th of November in the Epic Sana Hotel in Luanda. The good examples and the best practices in the business community in 2013 were distinguished, stating the importance of an initiative that honours the excellence and the contribution towards progress and growth in Angola.

The Jury, led by Professor Manuel Nunes Júnior and composed by Dr. José Severino, Dr. Manuel Alves Monteiro, Dr. Henda Inglês, Dr. Vera Daves and by Professor Laurinda Hoygaard, has decided to distinguish the entities and individuals with the best performances in each of the eight categories.

Rui Santos Silva, Country Managing Partner of Deloitte, greeted “the nominees are the protagonists of this 3rd edition of the Sirius Awards, as well as the business community with whom these connect. The fact that you are present here today means your performances are unequivocally exemplar and for that, congratulations. You are the ones responsible for the progress and promotion of the country’s economy. Agents of change, and builders of the future. You are responsible for turning Angola into an ever more competitive country, assuring its growth, in the path to success” concluded Rui Santos Silva.

In his opening message, the President of the Jury, Professor Manuel Nunes Júnior, reinstated the role of the Sirius Awards by “rewarding the excellence of the organizations and the actors that day-by-day make the Angolan economy grow and, by doing this, are contributing to the improvement of the population’s welfare”.

The reactions of the winners were of acknowledgment and appreciation, showing the compromise with the ongoing maintenance of excellence, the organizational and business ethics, keeping in mind a concern for the human and social component.

The winners are:

“Best Financial Education Programme in the Banking Sector” Award: BPC

This is a new category created for this 3rd edition of the Sirius Awards, aiming to distinguish banks that have greatly contributed to the financial and banking literacy of Angola’s society. After deliberation the jury awarded the prize to BPC.

For Paixão Antonio Júnior, Chairman of the Board of Directors, “the workers of the bank which compose the BPC family, are eternally grateful for being awarded this distinction. This is a collective award, from our workers and clients. Everyone contributed. It is a prize to our determination, persistence and above all, to our humility”.

The banks nominated for this category were: Banco Keve, Banco SOL, BFA - Banco de Fomento de Angola, BIC - Banco Internacional de Crédito, BMF - Banco BAI Micro Finanças, BPA - Banco Privado Atlântico and BPC - Banco de Poupança e Crédito.

• “Best Social Responsibility Programme” Award: Chevron

Clay Neff, Asset Development Manager, attended the event on behalf of Chevron’s President in Angola, thanking the distinction and referring that the award is a “credit to our employees. We are established in Angola for 60 years and have always been close to the communities in which we operate”.

For Cesaltino Pedro, Chevron’s Human Resources’ General Manager, the attribution of this Prize “recognizes our social work in Angola. We reaffirm our commitment to contribute to the well - being of the communities with who we interact on a daily basis”.

The following banks competed in this category: Banco Sol, BESA - Banco Espírito Santo de Angola, BPA - Banco Privado Atlântico, Chevron - Cabinda Gulf Oil Company, Endiama - Fundação Brilhante, ENSA - Seguros de Angola, Odebrecht Angola, Refriango - Indústria e Comércio Geral, Sociedade Mineira de Catoca and Sonangol E.P.

• “Best Human Capital Development Programme” Award: BAI

The award was received by a team of BAI’s Executive Directors: João da Fonseca, Noelma Viegas D' Abreu and Simão Francisco Fonseca. On this occasion the team shared: “We want to thank BAI’s organization and administration and remember that we are in the phase of materializing a dream of the former leader of BAI”. Furthermore, regarding the awarded prize, it rewards “a project that aims to expand the training and contribute to the development of education in the areas of culture, fashion and arts”.

The nominees included: BAI - Banco Angolano de Investimentos, BP - British Petroleum, BPA - Banco Privado Atlântico, BPC - Banco de Poupança e Crédito, Chevron - Cabinda Gulf Oil Company, ENSA - Seguros de Angola, ESSO, Odebrecht Angola, Sonangol E.P. and TOTAL.

• “Non-Financial Sector’s Organization of the Year” Award: Sonangol EP

For Fernando Roberto, Sonangol’s Administrator, the Award for “Non-Financial Sector’s Organization of the Year”, “urges us to monitor and constantly challenge our quality. It is also an award for the workers and a commitment towards our society and shareholders: the assurance of quality”.

The list of nominees included: Bongani Investments & Consultants, Cosal - Comércio e serviços de Angola, Cuca - BGI, GAM - Grupo António Mosquito, Grupo Genius, Grupo GEMA, Movicel, PTF - Projecto Terras do Futuro, Pumangol, Refriango, SISTEC - Sistemas, Tecnologias e Indústria, Sociedade Mineira de Catoca, Socolil - Sociedade Comercial Lizena, Sonangol E.P., Unitel, Vidrul - Vidreira de Angola, Grupo Zahara and Kero.

• “Financial Sector’s Organization of the Year” Award: BIC

“I want to thank the 1,900 workers of BIC in Angola, and to the less than one percent in Portugal, Cape Verde and Brazil. The prize was built and won by everyone”, said Fernando Teles, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The nominees for this category included: Mundial Seguros, BAI - Banco Angolano de Investimentos, Banco Millennium Angola, BFA - Banco de Fomento Angola, BIC - Banco Internacional de Crédito, BNI - Banco de Negócios Internacional and ENSA - Seguros de Angola.

• “Best Management and Accounting Report” Award: BFA

“We face many challenges in the oil sector, insurance and other areas”, began Emídio Pinheiro, Chief Executive Officer, who regards “this award as a source of pride for all employees of Banco de Fomento de Angola”.

The following were indicated for this award: BAI - Banco Angolano de Investimentos, Banco Millennium Angola, Banco Keve, Banco Sol, BFA - Banco de Fomento de Angola, BIC - Banco Internacional de Crédito, BNI - Banco de Negócios Internacional, BPA - Banco Privado Atlântico, BPC - Banco de Poupança e Crédito, ENSA - Seguros de Angola, Sociedade Mineira de Catoca, Sonangol E.P., TAAG - linhas Aéreas de Angola and TPA - Televisão Pública de Angola.

• “Best Entrepreneur of the Year” Award: António Mosquito

Three of António Mosquito’s descendants received the prize: Joana Mosquito, José Mosquito and Horácio Mosquito, who shared: “talking about my father is very emotional. He is a person who from a young age had also a young group working for him. There are stories that must be written to last in memory”.

The nominees for this category included: Agostinho Kapaia (Opaia), António Mosquito (GAM), Bartolomeu Dias (Grupo Bartolomeu Dias), Carla Fátima Diogo (Cafago), Elias Piedoso Chimuco (Chicoil), Eugénio Neto (GLS Holding), João Jardim (Angolaves), Leonor Carrinho (LC&F), Maria do Carmo Nascimento (FME) and Teddy Almeida (Bongani Investments).

• “Best Manager of the Year” Award: Carlos Silva

Carlos Silva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BPA, emphasizes that “in management, we are evaluated by the results. At the end of the day, we are evaluated by the performance we present to our stakeholders. I want to thank the workers and colleagues from the bank” the attribution of this award. "On this night of thanksgiving, I also want to thank the families and especially my family”, concluded Carlos Silva.

The following competed in this category: Carlos Silva (BPA), Francisco Lemos José Maria (Sonangol), José Patrício (Genius), Manuel Gonçalves (ENSA), Manuel Monteiro (Ferti), Mário Barber (BAI), Rui Cruz (IMOGESTIN) and Rui Santos (Sistec).

Excellence also in Culture

Talent was also recognized outside the business community. Credits went to the fields of photography, sculpture, music, and design / fashion.

Firstly, through the exhibition “10 Photographers | 10 Visions” in which 10 photographers presented their personal view on the growth of the national economy.

Adalberto Gourgel, Bruno Caratão, Hindyra Mateta, Hugo Salvaterra, Kamene M. Traça, Kharlos Scesar, Luaty Almeida, Nelson Silvestre, Sérgio Afonso e Walter Fernandes, portrayed their views by choosing a photograph from their respective portfolios.

In sculpture, Etona, considered one of Angola’s art ambassadors and renowned in the international artistic world, marked his presence with pieces such as “Yombe”, “Rabugento”, “Miss” and “Força da Mulher”. Etona attended several workshops of handicraft and painting, but it is in sculpture where he has been specializing, with an unprecedented work produced from massive tree trunks.

Music was represented by N'Soki. She is one of the newest voices of Angolan music. N'Soki grew up in Cuba and the United States. Her passion for music began with choir singing, but now she feels inspired by various musical genres. 2013 marks the release of her first music album.

The major distinction was reserved for Nadir Tati, who took her place on stage to receive the recognition awarded by the jury “for the excellence in the work she produces and for the way she develops her talent”. Nadir Tati was presented at a very young age as a model to the world of fashion. Today, she is the most international amongst Angolan designers. She also works as a fashion consultant and has a regular presence at international fashion shows and her work has been presented and recognized by the international community. She has received the award for “Best Designer of the Year” several times.

With this initiative, Deloitte launches the challenge for all Angolan artists, designers and other cultural agents to do more and better in the pursuit of excellence.

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