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Ajudamos as organizações a inovar, transformar e liderar

Sendo a maior consultora na área de Management Consulting, a Deloitte é única na capacidade para apoiar os clientes a resolverem os seus problemas mais complexos: desde a estratégia até à implementação. Diferenciamo-nos por pormos em prática as ideias, o aconselhamento e as estratégias que definimos para os nossos clientes, nos mercados onde operam actualmente e onde querem estar no futuro. Entregar este tipo de valor exige a capacidade para orquestrar e combinar os mais distintos talentos e competências – seja em Human Capital, em Strategy & Operations, ou em Technology – de forma alinhada com as necessidades específicas dos nossos clientes, em termos da indústria em que operam, do seu modelo de negócio e das suas organizações.

This is a part of Deloitte that uses technology and creativity to better connect the customer with the business.

In today’s world, it takes complex connections to create simple solutions. Behind every great idea, every groundbreaking product, every new advancement, there are people and technologies working together.

At Deloitte, we take these connections and deploy them in innovative configurations to fit the shape of your problem.

We believe that constant evolution is the difference between flourishing or failing in the age of technological disruption. It’s a fundamental philosophy that underpins our leading-edge strategy services and transformative digital solutions.

Our people bring the same agility and problem-solving creativity to their work that they aim to inspire in clients. It’s part of the unique proposition we call Imagine, Deliver, Run: an integrated and adaptive end-to-end journey through the process of business transformation.

It’s about embracing machine-driven transformation with a human-centric vision.

It’s about flourishing in the near term while adapting for the long term. And it means nothing less than reimagining what’s possible.

Put very simply, we help you imagine, deliver and run your future.

Deloitte’s Consulting services focus on five core pillars of the twenty-first century organization:

Strategy, Analytics and M&A

With digital and cognitive technologies disrupting the global business landscape, it’s essential to stay ahead of change with your own strategic playbook and cutting-edge digital solutions. Our specialists will help smooth your path to sustainable success with data-driven insights, strategic sensing, cognitive and robotic solutions, and other essential tools for setting a clear vision and optimizing performance across the organization.

With our teams’ leading knowledge and experience in mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate restructurings, your business can navigate the entire journey—from pre-planning and due diligence, to the deal and the post-deal transformation—with confidence in the kind of outcomes that stakeholders and shareholders expect.

Customer & Marketing

Marketing has evolved to become a core business function that’s essential to growth and success. Our Customer & Marketing specialists understand how to help marketing leaders balance and integrate a complex range of tasks that include digital innovation, customer service and experience, advertising, and more. Our leading-edge digital solutions and data-driven strategies are propelled by a human-first vision for creating and retaining engaged customers and powering sustained growth.

Core Business Operations

Re-energize your operations and transform your organization’s capabilities with cutting-edge cloud, cognitive, data, and other advanced solutions, backed by the deep knowledge and insights of Deloitte specialists. From driving efficiencies to improving service delivery, from cloud migration to product innovation, our teams will guide you to deploy and optimize the right solutions. And we offer solutions tailored to industry verticals—such as health care, banking, and insurance—to keep traditional and emerging businesses ahead of the curve.

Human Capital

Deloitte believes in empowering organizations to succeed through their people. It’s a simple concept, but in the midst of a machine-driven workplace revolution, it’s not a simple task. Our HR transformation solutions will help you harness the power of digital to reimagine the power of human.

From optimizing workforce performance, to predicting future human capital needs, helping people navigate organizational change, and delivering leading-edge digital employee experiences, our suite of human capital services and solutions will help you build the workplace of the future.

Enterprise Technology & Performance

Deloitte’s IT and technology professionals are industry leaders in guiding organizations through the end-to-end experience of enterprise technology transformation. Ensure the highest ROI on new technology by investing in state-of-the-art strategy, design, implementation, and optimization of the systems and software solutions that empower your people to new levels of performance.

We work with the world’s leading technology providers to enable strategic and dynamic transition to both enterprise-wide systems and specific organizational functions such as finance, IT management, and supply chain.

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Human Capital

Os actuais desafios de negócio trazem consigo novas prioridades em termos de RH, talento e organização. Os serviços de Human Capital da Deloitte promovem a pesquisa, a análise critica e o conhecimento da indústria, factores essenciais para a criação e execução de programas críticos de RH impulsionados por desafios de negócio, inovação de talento, liderança e programas de mudança, que permitem melhorar o desempenho do negócio através do desempenho das pessoas.

Strategy & Operations

A nossa rede global de profissionais de Strategy & Operations é potenciada pela ampla oferta da Deloitte em matéria de serviços profissionais, bem como pela vasta experiência nas diversas indústrias, permitindo desenvolver soluções para os principais desafios que actualmente se colocam aos diferentes negócios.


Nos tempos que correm, empresas e inovação tecnológica estão ligados de forma indissociável. Os profissionais da Deloitte ajudam os nossos clientes a identificar e resolver desafios tecnológicos e de gestão da informação críticos para o seu negócio, incluindo definição da estratégia, aquisição, conceção, implementação e manutenção das diferentes soluções tecnológicas.