Deloitte IAAER scholarship program

Enabling the continued development for strong accounting, auditing, and financial reporting around the world

In 2013, Deloitte (DTTL) and the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER) launched the Deloitte IAAER Scholarship Program. As the program enters its second year, scholars from Brazil, Indonesia, Poland, Romania and South Africa have presented their research at international conferences, published in high quality journals including Abacus, Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, and Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal and have become links between academe, standard-setting, and industry.

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Attending events thus far in Frankfurt, Bucharest, Cergy, and San Antonio, the scholars have been able to experience hands-on learning, build networks, and gain a greater sense of the international developments and opportunities for the profession. With their mentors often by their side at the events, there is a fostering of ongoing mentorship, feedback, and support. The Scholars will next meet in Florence in November, 2014 for the IAAER World Congress of Accounting Educators and Researchers, where the Scholars will present papers, participate in panels, attend stimulating research and teaching sessions, and continue to deepen the collegial peer network.

Reflecting on his experiences thus far, scholar Elmar Venter (South Africa) said, “The Deloitte IAAER Scholarship has provided me with a platform to become connected within the international accounting academic community, to broaden my horizons, and to improve my teaching and research skills. While this has been a personal growth experience, I am also able to transfer what I have learned to my colleagues and students in South Africa. Thank you to Deloitte and the IAAER for not only investing in five scholars, but in a broader academic community in emerging economies.”

Scholar Nadia Albu (Romania) explains, “The Deloitte IAAER Scholarship program provides many opportunities for the development of my academic career, as well as for my university, students and country. First, I work to develop my research skills by regularly interacting with and benefiting from the experience of my mentor and by participating in high quality IAAER conferences. Attending IAAER events has enabled me to expand my professional network by meeting people from various countries and organizations, and to exchange ideas and learn new things that I will hopefully be able to bring back to Romania. Not last, the interaction that I have with the other Deloitte IAAER Scholars generates a fruitful working environment and exchange of ideas, mutually beneficial to everyone involved.”

As explained by program mentor Katherine Schipper (Duke University and former FASB member), “The Deloitte IAAER Scholarship Program is an innovative and ambitious long-term commitment to the development of accounting and auditing scholarship and education in transition economies. Through the program, the Deloitte IAAER Scholars will take what they have learned to their home universities, thus ensuring that the program has a multiplier effect as well as a direct effect.”

Sharing her sentiments, mentor Mary Barth (Stanford University and former IASB member) said, “My mentee is a very promising young scholar. The Deloitte IAAER Scholarship Program helps him advance his nascent research career by providing him not only access to the mentors but also the resources to participate in research conferences. Conference participation enables active engagement with the community of colleagues, which is crucial for a researcher to be successful. I am delighted to contribute my time and energy.”

The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has taken note of the scholarship program, with IFAC CEO Fayez Choudhury commenting, “The academic community has an important role to play in bolstering accounting education, supporting the sustainable development of the profession, and improving the quality of financial reporting and auditing, so we see real benefit in the ambitions of the program to provide opportunities for young academics. The program aligns well with at least two of IFAC’s strategic goals: to strengthen the links in the financial reporting supply chain, and to build capacity in developing and emerging economies. We look forward to other global networks considering the opportunities they may be able to foster.”
Program coordinator, IAAER Director of Research and Educational Activities, and Mahrt Chair in Accounting, University of Dayton (USA), Professor Donna Street states, “The initial group of Deloitte IAAER Scholars are benefitting immensely from their experiences. IAAER and Deloitte hope that others will see the progress and that more sponsors will want to come on board to grow this valuable scholarship program.”

“The Deloitte IAAER Scholarship Program is about opening doors. It’s about building connections and sharing information and experiences between emerging and established, between local and global, and between academia and practitioners – all to raise the quality of accounting, auditing, and financial reporting in markets around the world.” says Dan Konigsburg, Managing Director – Corporate Governance and Public Policy, DTTL. “Deloitte is proud to support such an initiative.”

The Deloitte IAAER Scholarship Program supports five early career accounting faculty members from emerging and transitional economies to develop their appreciation for and perspectives on the links between local and global accounting developments. One program emphasis for the coming year will be a further strengthening of the local connections between the scholars and Deloitte network of member firms, and the opportunity to share specific scholars’ experiences and insights.

The Deloitte IAAER scholars include:

  • Nadia Albu (Romania)
  • Fernando Dal-Ri Murcia (Brazil)
  • Konrad Grabiński (Poland)
  • Elmar Venter (South Africa)
  • Singgih Wijayana (Indonesia) 

Learn more about the Deloitte IAAER Scholars by visiting:

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