Posted: 28 Feb. 2023 3 min. read

Tax Deadlines in March 2023

On 14.3.2023 the following declarations/payments are due:

  • Intrastat-declaration for February 2023.


On 15.3.2023 the following declarations/payments are due:

  • Advance VAT declaration for January 2023.
  • Standardized Consumption Tax for January 2023.
  • Capital Gains Tax for capital gains on debt securities for January 2023.
  • Tax on energy, coal and natural gas for January 2023.
  • Advertising Tax for January 2023.
  • Digital Tax for January 2023.
  • Wage Tax for February 2023.
  • Employer Contribution to the family allowance compensation fund for February 2023.
  • Surcharge to the Employer-Contribution for February 2023.
  • Municipal Tax for February 2023.
  • Social insurance payments for employees for February 2023.
  • „U-Bahn-Steuer“ for Vienna for February 2023.
  • Withholding Tax according to Sec 99 ICTA for February 2023.


On 31.3.2023 the following declarations/payments are due:

  • Recapitulative statement („Zusammenfassende Meldung“) for February 2023.
  • Municipal Tax Return and Tax Return for “Dienstgeberabgabe” (for Vienna only) for 2022.
  • Tax return for Vehicle Tax for 2022.
  • Tax Return for Advertising Tax for 2022.



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