Posted: 27 Jun. 2024 2 min. read

Tax Deadlines in July 2024

On 12.7.2024 the following declarations/payments are due:


  • Intrastat-declaration for June 2024.


On 15.7.2024 the following declarations/payments are due*:


  • Advance VAT declaration for May 2024.
  • Standardized Consumption Tax for May 2024.
  • Capital Gains Tax for capital gains on debt securities for May 2024.
  • Tax on energy, coal and natural gas for May 2024.
  • Advertising Tax for May 2024.
  • Digital Tax for May 2024.
  • Wage Tax for June 2024.
  • Employer Contribution to the family allowance compensation fund for June 2024.
  • Surcharge to the Employer-Contribution for June 2024.
  • Municipal Tax for June 2024.
  • Social insurance payments for employees for June 2024.
  • „U-Bahn-Steuer“ for Vienna for June 2024.
  • Withholding Tax according to Sec 99 ICTA for June 2024.


On 31.7.2024 the following declarations/payments are due*:


  • Recapitulative statement („Zusammenfassende Meldung“) for June 2024 and for the second quarter of 2024..
  • Stability Levy („Bankenabgabe“) for the third quarter of 2024.


* In case a due date ends on a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, Good Friday or on 24 December, the due date may be shifted to the next business day.


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