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Alternative Debt Advisory Services

Deloitte Alternative Debt Advisory Services provide solutions to lenders, corporates and investors seeking to trade or refinance debt. With experienced professionals and standardized processes, Deloitte is able to increase value for all stakeholders and ensure transparent and efficient transaction execution.

Forming the link between the buy-side and sell-side market

Deloitte can leverage its global network of contacts at lenders, corporates and alternative debt investors to deliver innovative solutions for refinancing and trading of bilateral debt positions.

Tested and transparent processes ensure efficient transaction execution

  • Identify disposal opportunities with lenders
  • Use corporate network to identify refinancing requirements
  • Provide access to global network of alternative debt providers
  • Identify acquisition opportunities for alternative investors
Strategy Development
  • Options analysis for lenders and corporates
  • Analyse potential buyer market or refinancing solutions
  • Detail financial information requirements
  • Assist with data preparation
  • Approach investors
  • Prepare marketing documentation
  • Shortlist investors
  • Negotiate with interested parties
Sale and Completion
  • Covenant setting
  • Work with lawyers to agree documentation
  • On-going support and covenant monitoring
  • Operational turnaround support
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Customized service package

  • Provide access to the international alternative debt trading markets; increasing the potential investor universe
  • Define exit opportunities for lenders to maximize value from existing loan positions, including: Comparison of best price vs. work-out; benchmarking of market prices; preparation of Due Diligence like reports, to allow better understanding of risk.
  • Transfer knowledge regarding market/ investor demands
  • Support credit application process
  • Improve regulatory capital
  • Deliver confidential, off market process opportunities
  • Identify investors willing to support refinancing or provide additional capital
  • Enter discussions with lenders regarding exiting loans without damaging relationships or refinancing possibilities
  • Transfer knowledge of investor demands and lender requirements
  • Deliver confidential, off market process
  • Provide access and insights on debt trading opportunities through our strong relationships with refinancing and work-out departments at banks
  • Develop acquisition strategies focused on investor needs and risk / return appetite
  • Provide ongoing specialist support through covenant monitoring after the transaction is executed
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Global network and deep local market knowledge

Global network with strong contacts to all leading alternative investors (including London and other key European financial centres)

• Regular interaction with lenders’ work-out departments and clear understanding of their requirements and needs

• Deep and local knowledge of all regional corporate markets

• Remuneration structured on a contingent basis 

Maximize stakeholders’ value

Acting as an independent mediator between the parties, Deloitte can support negotiations to ensure lenders, corporates and investors benefit from a sale or refinancing.

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Mag. Albert Hannak

Mag. Albert Hannak

Partner Financial Advisory | Deloitte Österreich

Albert Hannak ist Deloitte Österreich im Jahr 1999 beigetreten und hat die Corporate Finance Abteilung gegründet. Seit 2016 ist er als erster Österreicher im Global Executive Board Corporate Finance.... Mehr