Debt Capital Advisory for Corporates

The Debt Capital Advisory team have designed specific services for companies at every stage of the debt cycle in order to deliver the optimum funding structure to meet their particular needs.

Our team of professionals provide conflict free advice, due to our independence from capital providers, and are able to leverage our extensive global network of relationships with lenders and debt investors to deliver the right solution to you.

Deloitte Approach

Deloitte supports corporates with analysis of their capital structure, including the preparation of a financial model and provide strategic advice with regards to financing goals and the selection of optimum financial products. Furthermore, Deloitte can support with the preparation of required information for financing partners and, through our extensive network of banks, financial institutions and private debt funds, we can create a competitive process between lenders, to ensure the best possible conditions for our clients. 

Furthermore, Deloitte can provide corporates with access to innovative financing solutions from non-traditional lenders, such as Alternative Debt Providers, where conventional bank financing might not be available. 

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Mag. Albert Hannak

Mag. Albert Hannak

Partner Financial Advisory | Deloitte Österreich

Albert Hannak ist Deloitte Österreich im Jahr 1999 beigetreten und hat die Corporate Finance Abteilung gegründet. Seit 2016 ist er als erster Österreicher im Global Executive Board Corporate Finance.... Mehr

Andreas Hampel

Andreas Hampel

Director Financial Advisory | Deloitte Österreich

Andreas Hampel ist Director bei Deloitte Corporate Finance und Private Equity Leader in Österreich. Er ist auf M&A Beratung und Unternehmensfinanzierung spezialisiert und hat tiefgehende Transaktionse... Mehr