Debt Capital Advisory

The Debt Capital Advisory team is an integral part of Deloitte's Financial Advisory practice, providing independent advice and world class execution resource across the full spectrum of debt markets, through the firm's global network.

The changing financial environment has caused funding solutions to become increasingly complex and time consuming. The more challenging environment requires new funding solutions to match changing business models and strategies.

Deloitte has designed specific services to support a wide range of clients, including listed and private corporates, private equity funds, financial institutions and governments, to navigate the ever-changing capital markets.

Our service portfolio includes: 

  • Options analysis: Developing and assessing financing options that support the execution of the Company´s strategic objectives, constraints and business drivers.
  • Refinancing and extension of debt: Assist clients in refinancing existing debt by creating a competitive environment among potential lenders, generating multiple lender proposals and advising on the terms and conditions of lender proposals.
  • Term sheet/credit agreement review: Review existing proposals from capital providers and comment on potential areas to improve terms and conditions.
  • Senior debt capital raises: Assist companies and PE firms in connection with their efforts to raise senior debt capital for new projects, acquisitions or dividends.
  • Junior debt and private equity capital raises: Assist clients in raising mezzanine financing, high yield bonds or private equity to help deleverage balance sheets, reduce senior debt reliance or pay dividends.
  • Debt restructuring: We act as financial advisor to stressed and distressed companies in need of balance sheet restructurings. We assist in dealing with different lending groups, often with competing motivations and high levels of fatigue.
  • C-suite assistance: Independent financial and capital markets advice to C-suite executives. 

With this comprehensive service portfolio, Deloitte can support its customers in the following situations:

Event Driven Lending

Global resources and execution expertise

Our global debt advisory practice is a leading team of 140 debt professionals based in 30 countries across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, giving us a true global reach.

In the last 12 months, the global team has advised on over 100 transactions with combined debt facilities in excess of €9bn (equivalent). 

Why Deloitte

  • Financing Expertise: Deep knowledge and understanding of financing market as well as innovative financing solutions
  • Independent Advice: Professional advice, independent from any financing partners
  • Execution Resources: Experienced financing experts serve as first class execution resources
  • Competitive Financing Processes: Efficient execution of competitive financing processes
  • Global Network: long standing Contacts with local (and international) lenders as well as Alternative Debt Funds
  • Negotiation Expertise: experienced lead for negotiation 

Debt Capital Advisory for:

Mag. Albert Hannak

Mag. Albert Hannak

Partner Financial Advisory | Deloitte Österreich

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Andreas Hampel

Andreas Hampel

Director Financial Advisory | Deloitte Österreich

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