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Leadership Assessment Austria

“People” decisions can really shape your business. For recruiting or career development, Leadership Assessment offers a accurate evaluation of competencies and potential.

  • You are looking for a highly-objective basis to guide your decisions regarding selection and development processes for your top business leaders. You want to minimize your risks and maximize the decision-making transparency
  • You have established a competency framework and require an evaluation of the degree to which your leadership team demonstrate these competencies
  • You want to know if your Senior Leadership Team offers the personal as well as professional skills to match future challenges

Leadership Assessment

Depending on your needs, we can also offer the following Leadership Assessment tools:

Succession Evaluation

During the leadership recruiting process – either internal or external – it is useful to have an third-party expert to evaluate possible candidates. Thus it becomes easier for you to determine whether a candidate really fits the vacant position and to assess future development potential as well as to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and offer recommendations for possible future career progression.

Using an appropriate set of tools – usually a combination of diagnostic tests, structured interviews and Multi-Source Feedback – can give you enhanced objectivity when it comes to your succession and recruitment decisions. At the same time these methods provide an excellent basis for structured learning and development measures.

Either as a one-off measure or a tool for all recruitment processes, Succession Evaluation helps you make the right decision in making that final selection.

Management Audit

Management Audit is an effective tool to evaluate the competencies and development potential of a leadership team. Management Audit helps you to determine whether  your human resources fit your strategic goals and to determine the areas where further development is needed.

Through providing you with an overview of the structure as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership team, we offer a strong basis for your recruitment and development decisions. One important aspect is the evaluation of the competencies of your leadership team in order to determine which aspects may be lacking and those areas where further development is important to ensure your company’s continued success.

No matter which tool you choose...

Leadership Assessments together with integrated feedback and ongoing communication with your leadership team will help to strongly align your key employees to your business strategy and to facilitate successful planning and succession decisions. Based on your established competency framework or on the Deloitte Management Compass – a competency framework created to evaluate Executives – we can evaluate the competencies and potential of your leadership team. Leadership Assessments provide you with the perfect basis for future ‘people’ decisions – without doubt the most important business decisions you will have to make.


We only use the best and most descriptive diagnostic tests which are reviewed and evaluated regularly. We pay special attention to:

  • Relevance for the target group
  • Statistical quality
  • International availability (languages, benchmark data, norm groups)
  • Data and reporting quality

Multimodal Interviews

Based on the defined target profile – either drawn up on the basis of an existing competency framework or of the Deloitte Management Compass – we can prepare interview questions that focus exactly on those competencies most important to a successful candidate. After briefly getting to know the candidate, the candidate will perform a presentation of themselves and structured discussions will examine both biographical and situational questions. We usually work in teams of two to ensure the highest objectivity and to avoid certain distortions caused by personal bias.

Multi-Source Feedback

A survey – either through our online tool or through personal interviews – of employees, peers, superiors and (internal) clients can provide valuable insight into the competencies and development potential of business leaders. 

Our Deloitte Recruiting Services experts work in a transparent and structured way, offering recommendations of the highest quality. Our recommendations are based on agreed-upon criteria and not on subjective opinion. We can offer you a structured and well-documented evaluation process, thus guaranteeing you the highest objectivity and minimizing the risk of employing the wrong candidate. Our reviews provide valuable insights for future decisions for you and the prospective leadership candidate.

Deloitte Leadership Services

For more than 20 years, Deloitte Leadership Services has played an active role in the search and selection of experts and executives. In Vienna, a highly focused team of 15 recruiting experts combines the benefits of excellent local market knowledge with a vast international network.

We speak Business

As part of one of the largest global tax advisory and consultancy firms means, we speak ‚’Business’. This means you will benefit from our professional expertise in all areas of business.

Business Community

The global Deloitte Network offers unique contacts to and perspectives of the financial, economic and public sectors. Deloitte maintains the highest quality standards and thus can give you access to the best candidate.

HR Know-how

If you need assistance with contracts, salaries, payroll or tax compliance including expatriate support – our Deloitte Team has the experts to deal with all your questions – and all under one roof!

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Mag. Gudrun Heidenreich-Pérez

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