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Are you aware of all available grants and incentives?

In many countries, there is an elaborate system of financial incentives and grants available to fuel research and development (R&D), innovation and business investments. In Austria and the European Union, these incentives and grants are applicable to domestic investments and constitute major growth opportunities for any company. Identifying, understanding and prioritising the right incentives for an organisation can be a time-consuming and challenging undertaking. Nevertheless, one that can generate significant benefits. Deloitte’s network provides access to Global Investment & Innovation Incentives (Gi³) practitioners (more than 1,000 talented individuals) who are ready to provide support around the world. Deloitte’s capabilities help companies pursue suitable incentives by developing and executing an effective incentives strategy for their specific needs. The Gi³ team in Austria ensures specialist knowledge and experience on R&D tax incentives, R&D/innovation grants and intellectual property (IP) in any given sector for our clients.

R&D tax credit (14%) and R&D/innovation grants

The Austrian R&D tax credit is available for companies that have project-related R&D expenses. Its evaluation is carried out by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency), based on the project proposal. This credit is being acknowledged as a high incentive to undertake R&D activities by Austrian companies as this grant is treated as an immediate cash credit on a company’s tax account (14% of the tax base since 01/2018).

Determining further eligible R&D activities is often unfamiliar territory for businesses, who may lack resources and experience to apply for incentives, grants and such. We combine deep tax-technical expertise with highly experienced analysts and consultants to search for the most relevant opportunities for any business situation. Deloitte Austria is capable of providing advisory services throughout the entire process, from initial feasibility reviews, through application preparation towards submission. We make use of technology-based solutions to create a smooth process with increased transparency and facilitate compliance with regulatory changes.

However, the mentioned R&D claims and incentive applications are often under intense scrutiny. Deloitte provides advisory assistance in the resolution of any such tax-audits, as well as support related to claims and information requests or objections from relevant government bodies. Our teams include former officials from various regulatory agencies, possessing an in-depth understanding of their processes.

Funding and grants

Not only local, regional and federal bodies but also the EU provide funding and other incentives. The European Union deploys several funding programs in which Austrian organisations can participate. Among them are Horizon 2020, which contributes EUR 80 billion of funding for R&D and innovation activities, and LIFE, which contributes EUR 3.4 billion for health, wellness and environmental related projects. At European, local and national level, companies can benefit from funding opportunities provided by multiple funding channels (about 150 funding channels available for Austrian companies) for different types of R&D activities and investments.

Making the most out of available opportunities requires time and effort. Deloitte’s Gi3 team is highly experienced in preparing and negotiating such applications, from the initial scoping, through proposal drafting, towards document submission.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Acting as IP-strategy, IP-implementation and full IP-lifecycle management advisor, our team is able and prepared to act with high expertise in relation to the full intellectual property spectrum in terms of taxation, grants and subsidies.

R&D process management

A detailed review of information and processes dispersed across an organisation can help identifying untapped potential for grants and incentives, reduce risks and streamline processes. Using its holistic approach, our interdisciplinary team advises companies in enhancing their R&D process management based on the unique Deloitte Gi3methodology.

Our services:

  • In a non-binding initial consultation, we evaluate your potential for applying for the R&D tax credit as well as for direct funding opportunities.
  • We inform you about suitable programs and calls at national, regional and EU level.
  •  We develop tailored strategies for funding opportunities to maximise the outcome.
  • We provide support for the proposal preparation process as well as quality assurance.

Mag. Herbert Kovar

Mag. Herbert Kovar

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Florian Laure, MSc (WU), LL.B. (WU)

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