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The Japanese Services Group (JSG) has been delivering service and meeting the needs of Japanese multinational companies operating in overseas markets for more than 40 years.

Why Deloitte JSG and how are we different?

Deloitte JSG was established in 1975 to support Japanese firms in going abroad and successfully smoothen their business expansion. Since its founding, the JSG network continuously expanded and now counts more than 1,100 professionals. We have accompanied both multinationals and SMEs from various industries and have proven to be a reliable partner. While tackling business challenges, we make sure to take cultural and communication-related characteristics of both countries into account. As the preeminent organization serving Japanese multinational companies, we are also committed to enhance cross-border business communications.

Furthermore, Deloitte adopted a global lead client service partner (GLCSP) system to continuously improve the quality of our professional services for global companies. The GLCSP holds ultimate responsibility for overall client service, all participating teams are working as one to deliver one-stop service to global clients. This enables Deloitte to resolve issues swiftly and report results to parent companies.

The Austrian Japanese Services Group (JSG) Team supports local service teams by delivering services and communications effectively across diverse cultures, languages, and geographical boundaries. Hence, our clients enjoy smooth advisory on a global, regional, and local level.

Global Japanese Services Group

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