Doing Business in Austria

Our services for foreign residents and entities who may establish a business in Austria or buy a company or real estate


Corporate Finance Real Estate Advisory

We work with a wide range of parties within the real estate industry and provide services on both a national and global level.


High-Tech Start-Up-Package

Bundled Deloitte know-how for the very first stage of your enterprise at an attractive fixed fee. 


Real Estate

We assist you in choosing the optimal structure for your investment and develop tailor-made solutions for your individual projects. 


Payroll services outsourcing

Well-informed stand-ins ensure total reliability at all times - Responsibility under tax law passes to us - Cost savings due to increased efficiency


Tax highlights Austria

Austria's current rates for corporate income tax, domestic withholding tax, withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties under tax treaties, value added tax/goods and services tax/sales tax and a five-year table of statutory corporate income tax rates


Tax Matters for Expats in Austria

For employees engaged in long term assignments, Austria could become the state of residence. This leads to taxation of individuals’ worldwide income in Austria.


Permanent Establishment-Risk-Check

You are doing cross-border business and do not want to trigger an – Austrian or foreign – permanent establishment (PE)? Are you aware of the trend towards assuming a PE even in cases where no typical fixed place of business exists?


GlobalAdvantage™ Organiser

GlobalAdvantage Organiser simplifies the complex provision of home and host tax data.


Global Investment & Innovative Incentives G

Discover and profit from all R&D-related tax incentives available to your business. We are ideally placed to support you in maximizing these opportunities.


Corporate Secretarial Services

Deloitte’s Corporate Secretarial team helps companies to find a managing director and a registered business address in Austria.


Accounting services outsourcing

Informative monthly reporting in line with your needs - Monthly balance sheet and profit and loss statement instead of overly complex list of account balances - Quick overview on how your company develops.