Enabling multi-factor authentication in the Sage DPW Customer Portal

More data security through the Authenticator App

Deloitte is introducing multifactor authentication (MFA) for web access to the Sage DPW customer portal, effective March 15, 2022.

From this point on, employees will only be able to access the customer portal using additional identity verification (Authenticator App). MFA protects against one of the most common causes of successful cyberattacks, unauthorized access to your account due to weak, reused or stolen passwords.


MFA in just a few steps:

  • Set up the account in the Microsoft Authenticator app using the QR code.
  • Initial access using the required one-time password
  • The QR code and one-time password will be sent via an automatically generated email.

For a detailed explanation, see the guide and training videos.

Training Videos

Here we provide you three helpful training videos for the installation (Android & Apple) and activation of the MFA in Sage DPW in English.

Do you have questions or need support?

In addition to the comprehensive guides/FAQs and training videos in German and English, a service hotline will be set up for specific questions relating to the setup and use of multi-factor authentication.

We will be available to you and your employees at +43 1 537 00-5555 from March 15 - 18, 2022, and from March 29 - April 4, 2022, between 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Outside of this extended service offer for the go-live phase, we ask you to contact your Deloitte Payroll contact person directly as usual.

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