Brexit Services

Brexit and its consequences from an Austrian perspective

Austria's companies are well advised to be informed about the effects that Brexit could have on their business. The potential consequences are manifold. Our experts can provide you with interdisciplinary support - in the areas of Tax, Financial Advisory or Consulting.

Be Brexit ready

Like many other countries, Austria will not remain unaffected by the consequences of Brexit. As a top ten trading partner of Austria, Great Britain leaving the European Union may have a significant impact on your business. Our experts are can support you with their expertise, so that your company is well prepared for Brexit and its effects on your business.

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Brexit - An outlook for Austria's automobile industry

A hard Brexit has a major impact on the Austrian automotive industry. Both direct effects, such as less automobile sales as well as indirect effects due to the dependence of foreign automakers on supply, are to be feared. Overall, a hard Brexit in the domestic automobile sector could be painfully expensive.

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Brexit 2025

Experts take a look into the future: how could the economic environment in 2025, nine years after Brexit, look like for European companies? Plausible scenarios range from free trade to a European federation to the failure of the dream of European integration.

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