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Our summary of the 1st Australian Business Agility Conference 2018

The first YoW! Australian Business Agility conference concluded in Sydney with ~150 attendees from a range of organisations, coming together as a community to share stories, success and failures of the Australian business agility landscape.

Deloitte was proud to sponsor the event, help design the program, join in the deep-dive conversations, and provide visual sketch notes to recap each of the 20-minute stories over the two days.

Conference 1

Maria Muir introduces the next round of speakers

You can find all of the sketches here.

Conference 2

Fiona Li sketching in action

There were a number of common themes through the two days – those which resonated with our team were:

1. Transforming bottom-up

Identifying the required skill sets, focusing on the important outcomes, orienting around the customer and creating the appropriate organisational structures to support business agility were consistent points of discussion.

Building these elements on a foundation of trust, where employees accept and feel safe to be vulnerable and take risks, enables companies to become truly customer or product obsessed.

2. Thawing, not just the middle, but the top

Complimenting this message was the importance of unfreezing the silos at the executive level, driven by the support of the CEO, that can enable the people to be empowered to drive change.
DBS, ANZ and Bankwest have all acknowledged that their transformations could not have been as successful without full support. Removing barriers at this level was critical to allowing an organisation to build successfully from the bottom up.

You can also learn more about the Bankwest transformation case study, which Deloitte was proud to be a partner of, here.

3. Having ‘skin in the game’

To achieve an enterprise vision of becoming a customer focused company, the unanimous position was that everyone needed to align to the company culture, vision and values.

By having ‘skin in the game’ and by enabling teams to be a part of the change, it ensures individuals are more committed to changing not only how they think and work, but the outcomes they can deliver.

What’s next for the Business Agility Conference in Australia?

The 2019 conference will be in Melbourne. We look forward to attending again to see the growth and change to business agility in Australia, and more broadly into the Asia-Pacific region.

You can find more information about the conference, here.

Conference 3
The Deloitte team proudly representing

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