Posted: 21 Feb. 2020 5 min. read

From Industry Superannuation to Actuarial Consulting – Daniel Ch’ng shares his Deloitte Story.

Q: What attracted you to Deloitte?

A: The value Deloitte places on flexible working conditions was a huge contributor to my decision to join Deloitte 6 years ago. Deloitte has provided me the opportunity to work part-time, which has opened up the ability for me to find a real balance between work and home life. I also find working at Deloitte has given me access to the support I need to really push the boundaries of my industry [Actuarial Consulting]. The resourcing model we use is more agile and less fixed – which allows consultants to be brought on board as required, giving us exposure to cutting edge developments.

Q: What type of projects are you working on and in which industries/sectors?

A: I work primarily in the life insurance and superannuation space, providing analytical support. My regular day at work consists of M&A, financial reporting and valuation. I work with a diverse range of clients that span from management to the CFO/CEO level and across a range of industries/sectors. This exposure has allowed me to grow as a consultant and improve my professional agility, in working across management levels and industries/sectors.

Q: What is the culture like at Deloitte?

A: I would describe the culture at Deloitte as high performance, friendly and busy. There is most definitely an expectation of delivering the highest quality of work, whilst also fostering a social and collaborative culture. My colleagues at work have become friends and we share weekly drinks, social catchups over the Christmas break and welcoming morning teas for welcoming new starters.

Q: Why should people join Consulting?

A: Consulting gives you the unique opportunity to carve your own path. Actuarial is a more specialised discipline– however there is a growing trend in Consulting to hire employees from a broader range of academic backgrounds. The nature of the projects we are taking on continues to grow largerexpand, which opens new doors for individuals with diverse disciplinary knowledge. On the other handAt the same time, consulting gives you the opportunity to also take part in non-chargeable work across a variety of teams e.g. wellbeing initiatives, internal projects, and secondments.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working for Deloitte?

A: Everyone is goal orientated, we are all in it together and we all have a healthy respect for each other. We all know when to work and when to play – which has fostered meaningful connections in the team.

Q: What would be your top tips for success?

A: At Deloitte we love to track our goals and milestones. I would suggest creating achievable goals for yourself when you start and then tracking your progress against these goals. I would also suggest that you focus on what you can learn at each level – rather than trying to make the next step without a foundational grounding.

Q: Tell us about your Deloitte story?

A: I started my Career at Mercer in superannuation consulting, giving me exposure to the superannuation space. I moved to Deloitte as a consultant to gain a wider breadth of knowledge across various industries and sectors, eventually specialising in life insurance. After 6 years I left Deloitte to work in corporate and recently moved back to Deloitte to apply the knowledge I learnt there. I haven’t looked back since

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Daniel Ch'ng

Daniel Ch'ng

Senior Manager, Actuaries & Consultants

A Senior Manager in Deloitte’s consulting practice with over ten years of experience in financial services, specialising in life insurance. During this time he has worked across both industry and consulting and has experience across all of the major actuarial disciplines including valuation, pricing, actuarial modelling, and financial reporting. Daniel joined Deloitte in 2010 and over six years was involved in a variety of projects with a focus on valuation and capital, including the economic capital modelling, LAGIC modelling, audit and Appointed Actuary work. In 2016 Daniel joined St Andrew’s Australia as Senior Manager for the Actuarial team. He was responsible for all actuarial related tasks across pricing, valuation and financial reporting. In this role Daniel was required to work with his counterparts in distribution, claims, product, finance, business intelligence, and so on. He was also the Secretary of the Products and Pricing committee, an executive level committee responsible for all product, pricing and reinsurance decisions. Daniel rejoined Deloitte in April 2019 with a view to continue to apply his expertise in an industry undergoing significant change commercial and regulatory change. Earlier in Daniel’s career he was a Senior Analyst in Mercer’s retirement practice.