Posted: 11 Jun. 2021 15 min. read

Humans of Human Capital

A celebration of connection and creativity

While the 2020/21 financial year was a year of challenges, disruption, and uncertainty, it was with great excitement (and luck) that the Deloitte Human Capital Sydney Team was able to gather at the Museum of Contemporary Art for its End of Financial Year celebrations on the 27th May.

As part of the festivities, the Human Capital Sydney team was invited to participate in a photography competition, centred around the theme “Humanise”. The ask was straightforward: grab your phone or camera and submit a photo that captured the essence of “humanise”. For many, this theme “humanise” can mean many different things. For Human Capital, it complements our mission perfectly, which is to help our clients to unlock the full power and potential of their people. Because put simply, people are the heart and soul of every business. By giving them the tools and support to be their best, they can truly be their best, every day. Whether it be accelerating digital and adaptable enterprises, redesigning work, future proofing organisations or optimising technology to unlock productivity, creativity and connection, our Human Capital Team are driven by our collective purpose of “humanising” work. 

The event was a lovely occasion for colleagues to connect, reflect and celebrate the practice’s achievements during one of the most challenging years in recent memory.

Below is an excerpt from Pip Dexter, National Human Capital Leader’s, speech: “The MCA is about exhibiting today’s living artists. Contemporary art matters. It stimulates the imagination, creatively engages human’s senses and has the power to transform lives. And I love that we have chosen this venue to celebrate together, the Humans of Human Capital. We are living through incredibly historic times, and we are doing this together - we are indeed one another’s contemporaries and we are working together and with our clients to help stimulate and create ways to transform the way we work and this has the potential to transform lives and businesses.”

Ciara Barton, National Human Capital Talent Leader: “In many regards, this has been one of if not the toughest years of many of our lives – we have witnessed incredible atrocities in the world we live, inequality between the haves and have nots – on so many levels and in different contexts. We have also seen the power of the human spirit – that despite adversity, we continue to find a way to succeed, to innovate, to survive and ultimately to thrive. I saw the power of being human through the photos submitted – and the power we have on one another and those around us.”

More than 117 entries were received in the weeks leading up the event, and participants were asked to vote for their favourite submission. As voted by the Sydney HC Team, the top three were:

Winners: Paree Symeou, Natalie Del Vecchio & Sarah Lanzi

The decision to use our bodies to compose the word HUMANiSE stems from our literal interpretation of the theme; underpinned by the notion of the power and limitless possibilities of the human body. By utilising the vibrant green backdrop of nature, we attempted to visualise the interdependence of humans and nature which foreshadows the importance of nature in providing us with a source of air, light and belonging which are crucial human needs. The letter “i” being the only letter uncapitalised in the word, symbolises the imperfections of both people and nature. We believe that these imperfections are what truly humanise us all. Let's embrace it and use our power for good!

Looking back, looking forward
Second Place: Anna Forsyth, Alice Zhang, Manon Drielsma, Maddy Sabine and Vanessa Lim

Understanding the present by reflecting on the past.  Choosing optimism in a constantly shifting world. Because progress is the art of being human.

The Delegate
Third Place: Susanna Kass

The way we experience work has changed somewhat this year and, as people who work on designing work, it’s important to recognise human capital has just become much more human – for our own teams as well as for our clients. Humanising is about celebrating the messiness of this merge, finding ways to thrive and grow in the process.

Congratulations to the top three finalists, and a big thank you to all those who participated!

What does Deloitte Human Capital Consulting do?

Deloitte’s Human Capital practice addresses people issues across multiple industries, companies, and functions to reimagine organisations’ work, workforces and workplaces. We combine technology with the human experience to unlock creativity and connection to create meaningful work. When done right, work is the key to rewarding productivity and delivering stronger bottom-line results.

Our 600+ strong Human Capital practice is built on a deep understanding of the role of culture, structure, technology, psychology, integrity and governance. We are diverse, with a wide variety of skills, passions and experiences. What unites us is our collective purpose – to make work better for people, and people better at work.

Learn more about our Human Capital practice and explore our open roles.

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Vanessa Lim

Vanessa Lim

Chief of Staff, Human Capital

Vanessa is the Chief of Staff for Human Capital Australia, working with the HC Leadership Team to design and deliver strategic business outcomes. The Human Capital practice is a team of over 600 people, working with leaders across every industry to improve business performance by reimagining their organisation’s work, workforces and workplaces. The team combine technology with the human experience to unlock innovation and create meaningful work. In doing so, they provide organisations with their greatest competitive advantage – a productive and engaged workforce that drive greater results. Vanessa has a visual communications and design background and is passionate about making the complex simple, and the simple compelling. Her experience spans brand, storytelling, strategic communications, human-centred design, workforce engagement, talent and culture.

Thomas Byrne

Thomas Byrne

Graduate, Human Capital

Tom is a graduate in Deloitte’s Human Capital practice – a team of over 600 people, working with industry leaders to enhance business performance by transforming the way we work. Tom’s passions span organisational transformation, communications, talent management, leadership, and industrial relations management.