Posted: 15 Oct. 2021

Purchasing Workday is the perfect start of your business efficiency journey

What you need next is a support structure to ensure you continue your optimisation roadmap.

Businesses are currently operating in a time of unprecedented logistical and economic change. Greater flexibility is needed and fast, and solutions such as Workday are providing businesses with the tools they need. However, to ensure you maximise your ROI with Workday you need to ensure you have a support model to not only resolve issues as they arise, but that also focuses on enhancements and continuous improvements. The obvious solution is to engage an Application Management Services (AMS) provider.

But what makes a great AMS partner?

Workday clients tend to think, ‘We're live on Workday, we can relax.’ Definitely take a quick breather, because you’ve made an excellent choice. However, there is probably a backlog of project items; issues start to be raised by users; you need to continue to measure the success of the implementation; and before you blink there will be a new release that provides enhanced functionality.

Your support team will need to focus on user queries, issue and incident resolution, configuration changes and enhancements, integration monitoring/support/changes, security compliance and changes, reporting, data loads and of course release management. Supplementing your support team with a strong AMS partner can take your organisation from stabilisation, to one of optimisation.

Far more than just an IT service

So what makes a good AMS provider? What differentiates a good AMS provider is not the location of the support team or the SLAs, or even the cost, it is how they plan to partner with you and your business. The best AMS providers are ones that provide multiple levels of engagement with your business from your C suite to your Workday administrators. They should be focused on working with you to understand your business, what your goals are for Workday, assisting you map out your short and long term journey of optimisation and enhancement of your solution, and ensuring you are measuring the success of this. An AMS partner should take you on a journey - one that goes beyond standard levels of IT service and support. An AMS provider should take you from stabilisation to optimisation, by providing proactive guidance, advisory and strategic direction.

It’s more about enhancement than just traditional reactive problem solving. It’s not just about solving user queries, but more about opening up bigger picture opportunities for businesses.

What that means is helping you achieve the business priorities or strategic initiatives that led you to purchase - or think about purchasing - your Workday system in the first place.

How to identify a strong AMS partner

So, you want a partner who is going to assist you on a journey from stabilisation to optimisation but how do you find one? Here are a few things to look for when selecting an AMS partner:

  • Who turns up to the sales presentations? You are looking for a partner that brings a diverse team to the table, from senior leaders through to the actual delivery team. This allows you to ask the team how they operate and not just be a sales team telling them how they should operate.
  • The governance and relationship model is key. All providers will say they have a governance model, but you are looking for one that is more than someone running weekly or fortnightly meetings to review tickets. You are looking for a governance model with engagement across all levels, in particular, someone focused on the delivery, and someone else focused on your strategy and roadmap - ideally two different people.
  • Finally, you want them to focus on the partnership, and not just be a service provider. You are looking for their messaging to be about understanding your business and priorities, and how they will focus on optimisation and continuous improvement.

Helping provide a roadmap for growth

As above, a key element of a good AMS partner is one that will partner with your business. This is a strength of Deloitte’s AMS model as we are committed to working with our clients on their roadmap and strategy for Workday. We do this by providing a Service Delivery Manager who will make sure that your issues and incidents are being dealt with and solved promptly. In addition, an Account Manager will be assigned to help you work on your strategy and roadmap. We deem it essential that these are two separate roles, otherwise the BAU issues take priority and the roadmap and strategy get overlooked. 

Deloitte has differences

That isn’t the only Deloitte difference. While there are other AMS providers who can solve your Workday issues, many have a homogenous approach. Deloitte acts as a partner looking at the bigger picture - which means blending cost with ambition.

We have a hybrid solution tailored to your organisation’s most pressing needs. We have an experienced and certified team of consultants offshore who will be supported by an on-shore Service Delivery Manager to work through your incidents and issues as quickly as possible. In addition, we provide our clients access to our vast pool of experts and advisors from our Australian Workday practice. This combination of offshore and onshore provide our clients with access to the right support for the right issue.

Deloitte’s AMS model provides flexibility - whether that’s promptly resolving your business critical issues, or helping you with more long-term strategic enhancements. And, of course, you unlock access to leading industry knowledge that is an inherent benefit of being with Deloitte.

Deloitte and Workday can take you further

If you already have Workday and haven’t reached the heights you envisaged; or if you are just starting your Workday journey; then find out where the implementation can truly take you. Purchasing Workday is just the start of your business efficiency journey - Deloitte’s AMS can take you places you never believed possible.

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Emma Turner

Emma Turner

Director, Workday AMS

Emma is a Director in the Workday practice, leading Workday AMS. Emma is a seasoned leader with extensive HR, technology and consulting experience. Her roles have focused on client relationship management, account management, project management and team management. Emma has experience leading teams implementing and supporting various HR and payroll systems.