Posted: 12 Jul. 2019 05 min. read

9 different ways our people can design their work week

Our new Deloitte flexible work policy

As part of Deloitte’s commitment to creating an enabling culture at work, this year saw the introduction of Deloitte Flex. The Flex framework encourages our people to create an environment that empowers them to achieve their full potential professionally, while respecting and supporting their personal commitments.

“Deloitte Flex supports our people to work where, when and how they want to,” Clare Harding, Chief Transformation Officer says. “We have nine types of flex that our people can access in order to support them to work the way they want and need to.”

Deloitte Flex consists of a new framework with nine different types of flex that our people can use in combination.

Our nine different types of flex
Our nine different types of flex

Whether you’re a parent, pursuing other ambitions and interests, live remotely, have a dentist appointment, need a career break or simply like going to the gym during lunch – everyone can embrace flexibility for any reason in all forms, formally or informally.

Our new Deloitte Flex, in addition to our improved parental leave policy earlier this year, helps us create a great place to work, with equal opportunity for all our people to grow, develop and succeed. It reflects our commitment to creating an inclusive environment, where everyone feels comfortable to ask for and use flexible working arrangements.

Here are some stories from a few of our people already making use of Deloitte Flex. 

Amanda Strauss (Assurance & Advisory, Manager) – Place Flex + Hours Flex

“My husband and I always dreamed of living and raising our kids on our own farm. Little did we know that the opportunity would jump on us during my second period of parental leave. This was an opportunity of a lifetime but I didn’t want to give up my career with Deloitte to make it happen. 

Amanda's pecan farm in Port Macquarie
Amanda's pecan farm in Port Macquarie

"Thankfully, following a conversation with my coach, I had the support of Deloitte to trial a remote working arrangement! I now work remotely four days a week from Port Macquarie, NSW, with monthly visits to the Sydney office. Flexible working has made it possible for me to balance my career with family and life outside of work. The two hours I get back every day by not travelling to and from the office, I invest in my kids or helping out on the farm. By working remotely, I have found there are less distractions and my productivity has increased. As the Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: ‘Pleasure in the job, puts perfection in the work’.”

Lisa McComb (Deloitte Private, Senior Analyst) – Career Flex, Hours Flex + Place Flex

“In addition to pursuing my corporate career at Deloitte, I also spend winters as a freestyle ski coach in Australia and Canada. The accessibility to flexible leave is great and it starts with having small conversations with partners, team members, clients and the talent team. As an example, I work remotely during the Australian winter to spread commuting to/from the Australian ski fields. I’ve recently qualified as a Chartered Accountant and in September, I also hope to achieve the highest qualification for ski instruction, the internationally recognised APSI Level 4.”

Lisa's 'other office'
Lisa's 'other office'

Kathryn Fielding (Risk Advisory, Personal Assistant) - Place Flex

“I was diagnosed with a neurological illness just over three years ago. Initially, I took over two months off work on extended sick leave to get my health under control. Upon coming back to work, my Partners and the Talent team made the suggestion of working from home to help me adjust and ease back into work. 

“I now have a plan in place to work from home two days a week, as well as work from the hospital once a fortnight as part of my ongoing treatment. It’s wonderful to receive the support and flexibility I need from Deloitte.”

Tim Biviano (Assurance & Advisory, Manager) – Team Flex + Time Flex

"During our busy season in 2018, our Engagement Partner challenged us to utilise some form of flexibility during the busy season. Our Partner also empowered me to be a strong leader to help implement the various arrangements, because, in the end, it's important that everyone plays a part to make flexibility a reality."

"So in our team, every single person interpreted and implemented flexible arrangements differently, according to what works best for them. For me, it meant coming into the office earlier so I could make my gym session in the afternoon."

Tim adjusts his start time to fit in his physical wellbeing
Tim adjusts his start time to fit in his physical wellbeing