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Building a winning team at home and in work

Meet our new partner – David Orr

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your role at Deloitte

I’m an insolvency expert, with 15 years’ experience. I worked at the Deloitte Sydney office for 8 years, where I commuted in from the Blue Mountains. After the birth of our third child (3 boys – yes, our house is noisy!) my wife and I took the decision to move up to Brisbane to be close to family and reduce our time spent commuting.  I’ve been in the Brisbane office for four years now and am thoroughly enjoying it and the Brisbane lifestyle.

You’re known as a respected mentor with a reputation for recruiting and developing a young team with a passion for what they do. Tell us how you approach your role as a mentor?

I value collaboration above all else. I’m interested in my team, both in ensuring their progress and develop in their careers, but also in what’s happening with them outside of work. I would say the key for me is teamwork. Through training, introducing new systems and procedures, plus some strategic hires, I’ve built a team who have the right skill set to take on the work that we specialise in. Being open, supportive and collaborative delivers the best outcomes for our clients, and also helps the team develop quicker.  I am very proud of my team and what we have achieved over the last two years.

And you’ve got your own budding team to mentor at home. Tell us a bit about them and how you balance your work demands and busy home life

I have three young boys with my wife Tamie – Hamish (6), Thomas (5) and Matthew (4). Our house is pretty hectic from 7am to 7pm (on a good night!).   Working at Deloitte gave us the option to make the move to accommodate my family, which was crucial for me. I’m enjoying fishing, camping and all the outdoor things that Life in Queensland has to offer. Plus I’m continuing my own rugby career in a different capacity – as assistant coach and ref for the boys’ teams.   The ability to be flexible at work ensures that I maintain a balance at home which is important for me.

You’ve increased the size of the Brisbane insolvency team and changed the focus since you arrived. How did you do that?

My focus is on the SME formal insolvency market and particularly acting for creditors in insolvency proceedings. Some companies we’ve managed to turn around and sell, some restructured, and some who couldn’t be saved.  But because both the companies we work with, and in most cases, their creditors, are SMEs, the best outcome for us is jobs saved, and dollars returned to the Queensland economy.

I can imagine that this is a tough role a lot of the time –working with companies under severe stress and pressure.

At times taking on a new appointment to a company in trouble means going in myself with my team, and running that business.  Taking decisions to secure the long term future of the company but also making all of the day to day decisions that need to happen to help them keep trading – buying stock, managing sales and services, paying employees. It can be stressful and draining and time consuming but ultimately, no one else does the type of work that we do, and working to turn a company around, or securing the best deal for creditors and securing ongoing employment for staff for me is the best part of the job.

What are you looking forward to a partner and in the coming year?

First up, I’m looking forward to leading my team as partner – continuing to grow our business and develop the skills that we need to provide better and better service. Secondly, sticking with the theme of great teams, I’ve signed up for my second Oxfam Trailwalker (100km hike in 48 hours) in August this year. First time round, the experience was amazing, and also more challenging than I thought. As captain, I knew my job was to get the team across the line together. We had two member who suffered quite badly with blisters, but with the support of the whole team, we managed to all get across the finish line together. We’re trying out Sydney this year, because the new partners’ dinner is the night before the Brisbane event. So we’ve taken the strategic decision to give Sydney a go instead, later in the year!

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Meet our author

David Orr

David Orr

Partner, Turnaround & Restructuring

David is a Partner in the Turnaround & Restructuring practice of Deloitte. He is a Registered Liquidator and leads a team in Brisbane responsible for all formal insolvency engagements. David has over 20 years formal insolvency experience including formal insolvency appointments, project management, financial position reviews, trading and sale of businesses. With a commercial and pragmatic style, David has a proven track record of delivering results that are beneficial to all stakeholders.