Posted: 30 Nov. 2020 3 min. read

Leadership Recovery Lab

Leading Resiliently Through Recovery

COVID-19 has rewritten the leadership playbook around the world as leaders have had to navigate challenges unlike ever before. With a future characterised by deep uncertainty, rapid change and complexity, how can leaders learn from their Response to the crisis and prepare to successfully navigate the challenges they will face in the future?

The scale of market and societal shifts that need to be navigated and seized as opportunities by leaders is unparalleled. Given the market uncertainties, and the scale of Recovery, leaders who try to recover by relying on conventional wisdom may find the world they thought they knew is no longer there when they arrive.

The most successful leaders will be those who are able to lead with resilience; who can mobilise teams to solve challenges, lead people through crisis and enable people, teams and the organisation to thrive on the other side. Clarity of thinking, communications, and decision-making are at a premium. Leaders who can best exhibit this clarity – and lead from the heart and the head – will inspire their organisations to persevere through this crisis, positioning it to emerge in a better place, prepared for whatever may come.

To assist leaders in navigating these unprecedented times, the ‘Recover’ Executive Lab provides not just an individual and tailored experience with a focus on planning but also addresses how to engage and plan within such uncertainty to successfully recover. This is achieved by utilising best practice constructs for crisis management in both leadership and market response.

Deloitte's Leadership Recovery Lab will guide executives through achieving the following outcomes:

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Artie Gindidis

Artie Gindidis

Partner, Consulting

Artie joined Deloitte in 2015 to help build Deloitte Australia's leadership business. Artie holds a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology and is passionate about working with clients to build the skills and capabilities of their workforces and leaders to be relevant now and into the future. Artie does this by focusing on helping clients define their leadership and capability strategy, provide visibility of current workforce capability through assessment, and uplifting workforce capability through innovative development interventions. Artie is also passionate about growing the careers of our people in alignment with their passion and finding opportunities for people to grow and to continuously make an impact with our clients.