Posted: 30 Nov. 2020 3 min. read

Reopen the Workplace

Defining your philosophy and roadmap for your future work model

It’s time to reimagine flexible working models…

“Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them” 

– Andy Grove, Founder of Intel.


How organisations move forwards, will define their brands, establish reputations for years to come and determine future competitiveness. 

The philosophy of how we do work is shifting. COVID-19 has dramatically amplified the rate of change to work models, challenging orthodoxies around workforce capability, configuration and flexibility.

The current circumstances provide the imperative for organisations to institutionalise ways of working and lessons learnt through the pandemic, and an opportunity to rethink what work truly means.

Now is the time to reimagine work, to provide richness of choice, flexibility and autonomy – it’s time to humanise work. 

Deloitte's Reopen the Workplace Lab will guide executives through achieving the following outcomes:

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Elise Sharpley

Elise Sharpley

Partner, Consulting

Elise leads Deloitte’s national Workforce Strategy, Planning and Analytics practice and helps organisations plan for and build their future workforce needs. She is an experienced Human Capital practitioner with deep technical expertise in organisational transformation, analytics and talent management practices. With a  background in behavioural science, Elise brings creativity, energy and data driven insights to help her clients transform work and the workforce. She has a passion for innovation and managing complex stakeholder environments to achieve results. Elise has worked across a variety of industries helping clients to transform their workforce.- including the design and implementation of holistic people strategies, workforce planning processes, strategic capability development, leadership, culture change and business transformation.