Posted: 23 Mar. 2021 5 min. read

We're all superheroes

Rob Hillard opens Singularity University with 10 inspired insights

1. The rate of change in the world around us is amazing, exciting, even frightening. Mid-transformation, are we in the middle of a big, endless, exponential change, or at the steepest point of inclination of an “S” curve before we decelerate to a new normal?

2. Changes in actions – across biology, technology and society – improve how we live and work. It isn’t just the “what” that interests us, it’s “how” and more importantly “why” these changes will be wrought.

3. Let’s be curious, and find out why change is inevitable, and how we can make it better for everyone. We need to find and unleash our individual superpowers, and come together as one community to drive change in a positive way.

4. Superpowers and superheroes make us think of flight, fire, strength and more. However, the most common theme in heroic stories is one of failure, and its redemption.

5. Almost all superheroes start with serious flaws. They’re almost human! Fear, anger, loneliness. They often do wrong, to do right – stopping the arch villain, saving the city and, ultimately, saving themselves.

6. Humanity could be considered as one mega, troubled superhero – think of our amazing combined powers which have helped overcome uncertainty, loneliness and more. But the price has also meant we’ve harmed each other, societies, the very planet we live on.

7. We’re at a crossroads today, where redemption is possible. Our superpowers can used for good in the wake of thousands of years of agrarian society which left much of our soil infertile, hundreds of years (and more) of invasion which have left entire cultures displaced, two hundred years of industrial revolution which has choked our atmosphere, and decades of an information and digital revolution that have threatened our very self-identity and privacy. 

8. We can, and must, do better with the benefit of hindsight. We’re heading into a fourth industrial revolution, powered by new energy sources, new sustainable food sources, and the lessons from everything we’ve ever created. Scary, yes.  And more importantly, an opportunity to learn from our past mistakes.

9. Humanity is capable of great things – and together we are superheroes. Conversations, connections and collaboration are our superpowers.

10. There is a superhero in all of us. So much of our future starts with the smallest changes made with great purpose, strength and determination. It’s time to find our inner Ant-Man.

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Robert Hillard

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Robert Hillard leads Deloitte Consulting across Asia Pacific spanning China, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and Korea. In this role, he oversees the management and growth of a US$2B consulting practice with approximately 18,000 professionals. Robert has previously served as a member of Deloitte’s global board (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited), Chief Transformation Officer for Deloitte Asia Pacific and the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer for Deloitte Australia.