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7 unexpected things you could do if you worked at Deloitte

1. Take up a mentoring opportunity. 

With development and growth at the core of our learning values, we are always encouraged to seek out mentors within the firm. Not only do we encourage you to seek out a mentor, but we also facilitate mentoring opportunities for those open to coaching others, collaborating with organisations like Oxfam Australia, Many Rivers, The Smith Family and City East College. So whether you're looking for a mentor or are open to offering guidance, Deloitte has got ample opportunities for you to learn and grow.

2. Attend a free workshop! 

Innovation, wellbeing, Indigenous art – we have a copious amount of workshops to keep you busy. And the best part is they’re free! Not only do we love to share our knowledge, but we also regularly bring in guest speakers. Immersive, engaging, interactive, what more could you ask for? 

Learning more about Indigenous culture through an Indigenous Art workshop
Learning more about Indigenous culture through an Indigenous Art workshop

3. Write a blog piece. 

Did you know we own a blog? Obviously, if you’re here, you’ve found it. We have published a plethora of pieces on topics such as intelligent automation, consulting and agility to responsible business, economics and leadership, authored by anyone and everyone from our graduates to our partners. Because we all have that one thing we are passionate about, so why not share it with the world? 

4. Recognition as a culture

We want to make our people feel that their experience here at Deloitte is time well spent. ​When we see, hear or feel our people doing great things, we want to celebrate and recognise them.​ Our recognition program was crafted by our people, for our people. We're fostering a culture of authentic appreciation that inspires collaboration and integrity so that we can each make an impact that matters. 

5. Take part in our wellbeing initiatives. 

Wellbeing is always a priority, with one of our most popular initiatives being our Step Up Challenge Competition. This initiative provides physical health benefits, as well as social, by encouraging comradery and positive team culture. This year, we also launched Financial Wellbeing Month, holding educational sessions around superannuation, home loans, and more, to help our people make the most of their finances. 

Step Up Challenge Winners
Step Up Challenge Winners

6. Drink coffee and support a great initiative. 

Last year, we consumed almost 1 million cups of coffee, nationally! That is why we’ve made a commitment to make a positive impact through our coffee consumption. We have connected with suppliers who make contributions generated from coffee sales towards foundations helping those in need. We also held our first Coffee Appreciation Week, which involved cold brew tastings, guest talks from coffee connoisseurs, and professional brewing demos; coffee is embedded in our culture and as we know, coffee brings people together. This innovative and interactive experience was a great way to share a laugh and a biscuit over quality coffee with our colleagues.

Appreciating coffee with a colleague!
Appreciating coffee with a colleague!

7. Get involved! 

We’re always up for firm collaboration. So why not have some fun while doing it? This year, we made a call out for all artists across the firm to unveil their creativity and design the logo for Impact Day – our annual volunteering event. Having our own people inject creativity and personality into the design opened another great opportunity for us to get involved in something different and explore hidden talents of our coworkers. 

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